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Honor Those Who Served This Veterans Day

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My dad served in World War II. From time to time, he tells the story of his service in the Navy. I particularly love his stories of when his crew sailed by the president’s summer home. He says they had to stand on the deck of the ship all dressed up in their finest and salute as they passed by. He took great pride in his uniforms. I always marveled at the way they were starched and ironed to perfection.

Dad signed up for the Navy right after high school and served his time manning the ships. When I look at his photos, he looks like a child. And those pants! We just think we know about bell bottom pants… the Navy wrote the book on that one. When Dad was home on leave during the first year of his service, he married my mom. They were both 18 years old.

This week we honor all of you who have served our country. I hope you appreciate the service of our military personnel as much as I do. I try to thank military servicemen and women when I see them in uniform. It is important for people to know they are appreciated, and I always intend for those who serve to know that I appreciate them.

To all the veterans out there, we salute your bravery, commitment, and love of country. Thank you for giving yourselves and for your dedication. May you always know that you are appreciated and admired by the people you protect.


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  1. Thank you, Phyllis, for this article. My Dad was in the Navy in WWII, also. He had enough credits to graduate in midterm of his senior year in high school so he enlisted…so young! He loved Southern Gospel music and he and my mother sang in revivals in our area but his next choice of music was the Big Band music…so we grew up listening to that music, too. To this day when I hear the Big Band sound, I tear up and miss my Dad so much. My husband is a Viet Nam veteran with a Purple Heart. He never talked about his war experience nor participated in any veteran activities until a few years ago when my students put on a music program at school honoring the veterans with pictures of them, etc. along with their musical program. My students wanted my husband to come so I told him that my class wanted him to come to their musical program. He always enjoyed my students’ performances so he came. He was very touched by these Second Graders. It opened the door and now he has been encouraging many other veterans to open up and to attend the veterans programs that are given every year in our area. He especially reaches out to the Viet Nam veterans…who many were so mistreated when they came home from the war. He has, also, started proceedings at Crowder College for a Veterans Memorial Park to be built on campus. The Agricultural students at this college started a Veterans Appreciation Dinner two years ago where they pay all expenses, cook the meal, furnish the music, the speakers and serve the veterans with such kindness. The president of the college told my husband, who is responsible in gathering the veterans, that the college had never received such a response from any other event as they had from this one…from the veterans and the Ag students themselves…therefore, it would be an annual event. It is so encouraging to see our young people learning to appreciate the sacrifices made for this nation…making it possible for them to reach for their own dreams…but most of all…their learning to give back is very touching to those who served this country in such a courageous and selfless way. God bless America and may America bless God. Thank you again and blessings to your Dad for his service and to your Mother for her sacrifice, also.

  2. I recently wrote a Remembrance Day blog on my Uncle Charlie WW1 vet and among his war memorabilia I found a ticket holder from the Cunard steam ship company wishing him safe passage back home. The actual ticket is missing, but the cover of the holder says, “To Comrades from Overseas – the Cunard Steam Ship Co. Ltd., in wishing you a safe and pleasant voyage back to your Homeland, desire to express their unbounded admiration of your great fighting qualities and the sacrifices you have made in all theatres of The War. Peace Year, 1919.” Eloquent words from a hundred years ago but still timely now. Thank you to all the veterans.

  3. Phyllis, your parents love and life together read like a movie. I can still see the love and devotion in their faces in the side by side photo. My family also were and are veterans; father, brother and nephew. It is good to have a day to honor and thank them. God bless all our military here and all over the world.

  4. My Dad served in WWII but never spoke of it while he & Mom were raising us. In his later years, he was asked by a friend to speak to young high schoolers about his war experiences. That was when we 4 daughters learned of the horrors he witnessed during those years. A superior officer was killed as he was speaking with him. He was an officer that freed prisoners at a concentration camp, opening up rail cars piled full of dead bodies. Among other atrocities…
    My sisters & I visited a camp in Poland
    in June. We thought of & honored our dear Daddy.
    Our father is no longer with us & I miss him so.

  5. I went on a French river cruise 2 weeks ago from Paris to Normandy. A trip to the coast was a big part of the experience. 3/4 of the passengers were Americans who toured Omaha Beach and we Canadians and British toured Juno Beach along with all the war museums. What an epic and emotional privilege for us all. Then I took a detour to London England to experience the Churchill War Rooms followed by attending “An American in Paris” ( a romance post WW11)
    My Dad was in WW1 & WW11.
    I remember all veterans who have participated in world wars and thank them all for their selfless bravery and our ultimate freedom

  6. Our church here in Arizona, which is made up of Anglos, Hispanics, Native Americans, and African-Americans, is honoring veterans this coming Sunday. We will have members who will march in with the flags as we all stand at attention. We will have the flag salutes, and then with hands held over our hearts, we will sing the national anthem. After that, our pastor will recognize and honor those who have served in the military. Our church does this every year the Sunday before Veterans Day, and our congregation, especially the children, love it. We truly thank those who have served our country in the military, and we deeply appreciate those who have given their lives that we might have these freedoms.

  7. It only takes a moment to thank a veteran that you see in a store or restaurant. I always make a comment about the hat they are wearing and shake their hand. I did that one day in a grocery store and the gentleman started telling me a story about being in the service many years ago. I stopped and listened to him while I think it must have been his daughter checked out her groceries. When she was finished she gently told her Dad that it was time to go. As they walked away she turned to me and whispered ” Thankyou”. I think we all had a great day at the grocery store.

  8. I love and greatly appreciate all our many veterans what they
    have done and are still doing for our freedom.
    We cannot thank them enough.
    God bless them all.
    Also, I love this couple. Precious folks.
    Thank you Oliver for your service !

  9. Beautiful and important tribute! Thank you for sharing, thank you to all veterans for your service, and thank you for including the beautiful pictures!

  10. Thank you and happy Veteran’s day to all the brave men and women who currently serve and have served to guarantee freedom for us and the world!
    My dad, who passed away just a little over a year ago, was a Marine during the time of the Korean Conflict. Thank you too, Dad.

  11. We recently toured Annapolis’ Naval Academy this fall. I was so very impressed at their discipline, commitment, and rigorous academic studies the plebes encounter! Amazing!
    Thank you, veterans and current military troops who keep our nation guarded and free!

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