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Jewelry is the most personal gift you can give someone, as it tells the story of who she is. I had lunch with a friend who was wearing two beautiful necklaces. She proudly told me her husband gave them to her—one for each pregnancy. I loved it. 

The gift of jewelry can mark special occasions or moments in our lives in a beautiful story-worthy way. Our friends at Van Atkins have been celebrating beautiful moments with people for generations, including me. (Last year I shared my story of Neal and me visiting Van Atkins to select our wedding rings.)

This Mother’s Day, they are giving to one of you lucky Ribbon readers a $250 gift card that you can put towards any purchase. Whether it’s a gift for someone special or a treat for yourself, the staff at Van Atkins will help you choose the perfect thing. Enter to win below, and good luck! The winner will be selected May 4 at 9 a.m.

Tell me what piece of jewelry tells your story of a precious moment. 

Comments 96

  1. So many memories with different pieces.
    Few that stand out to me: a necklace with a tree of life figure that my mother in law gave me after I was cured from cancer.
    A necklace and bracelet that my grandfather brougth with him from Asia in 1948 after being stationed there with the army for my grandmother. She used to wear it very often and gave it to me after my grandfather passed away. I fills me with a lot of pride and love

  2. My grandmother was very special and such a lady. She always had painted nails and her lovely jewelry. I cherish her pieces now as a link to my past.

  3. When my mother went into the hospital for the last time, she gave me the ring she had had made from her wedding and engagement rings. With tears in her eyes, she told me to take care of it for her. I wear it every day.

  4. I read an article in the Southern Lady magazine about the Van Atkins Jewelers, and it inspired me to take a stock of the pieces of jewelry that I own. Sorting out the little boxes and trying to figure out a better way to organize my necklaces, rings, bracelets, etc. turned out into a trip down the memory lane — every piece brought back sweet moments from the past.
    I do not own a lot of jewelry, but what I have I wear not as a piece of precious metal and stone bought on a whim, but as something that reminds me of the giver and of the moment and it warms my heart.
    Which makes it very hard to choose my favorite piece of jewelry. But with Mother’s Day coming up, I would pick a necklace that my mother bought for me for my 40th birthday that we celebrated at her house. It is precious to me not only because it came as a gift from my mother, but also because it is made of Baltic amber — a stone that reminds me of my homeland. Also, the warm yellows of the necklace remind me of the wonderful time my family spent overseas with my mother that summer — the fun we had, the places we visited, the family and friends we met. I smile and say, Thank you, Mom, every time I put on the necklace. Yes, jewelry to me is more than metal and stone, they are precious memories.

  5. My grandmother loved diamonds. My grandfather gave her a beautiful pair of diamond earrings and, over the years, several diamond rings. When she passed away, she left her jewelry to my mother who in turn left it to my daughters and to me. These pieces of jewelry remind us every day of my grandmother and her love of beautiful diamonds in a gold setting.

  6. My favorite is really three. I wear three diamond and platinum bracelets every day, each one a little different. My three little granddaughters always comment on them and “how fancy Nonnie is”. They all know that one day, when they are grown up ladies, they will receive one of the bracelets. I hope they will always be reminded of the love I had for them and the fun times we shared when they see them on their own wrists.

  7. I have a vintage diamond and onyx ring that I have worn every day since I was 17 years old. It was a gift from my mother to my grandmother. They have both passed now, but this ring reminds me of countless precious moments with both of them. I think I had the best mother in the world. She taught me so many things, it is almost impossible to recount them all. Let me just say that my mother’s “school” was worth more than any degree I could ever have.

  8. Of course my most cherished piece of jewelry is my diamond wedding ring. When we got married at 18 and 19, we had no money for a diamond. We both had plain gold bands and that served me for several years. I don’t remember exactly the year, but I was gifted his mother’s diamond ring from her marriage to his father. Not big but not too small but I loved it. At our 25th anniversary, he bought me a diamond…this one much bigger….but still not too big. When our only daughter got married, I offered her grandmother’s ring….she still wears this and has been married 20 years. We just celebrated our 49th anniversary. I don’t expect to ever get another diamond but I never ever take mine off.

  9. Hello Phyliss,
    The piece of jewelry that I own that has a very special meaning to me, is a beautiful gold slide bracelet. My husband and my daughters purchased the differnt slides for me for special occasions I have celebrated in my life. Birthday’s, Christmas, Anniversaries. Mother’s Day. Slowly but surely it was completed, and every time I wear it someone comments on the lovely slides with the precious stones, diamonds, in their settings. I feel
    that it is a piece of jewelry that will be passed down through the generations.

  10. My favorite jewelry pieces are from my husband. I treasure my wedding set. A beautiful white gold ring with a solitaire diamond. And the bracelet I received on our 25th anniversary. It has 2 interlocking gold rings with 4 diamonds. I like to think that the 2 rings stand for my husband and I. And the 4 diamonds stand for my husband and our 3 daughters. My special pieces.

  11. I’ve never married. For my 40th birthday I asked my parents for diamond earrings. They and the pearl necklace they’ve given me are my dearest pieces.

  12. Two pieces of information I’d like to share with folks. First, my mother worked her last 25 years of her employed like working on call in a nursing home as a nurse. She finally retired permanently at age 75 in the fall. She mostly worked in the Alzheimer’s unit. One piece of advice she gave every family moving a loved one into the unit, especially women, was do NOT leave valuables, especially jewelry on them. Not all would listen. Some would say, oh mother has never had that ring off in 50 years and so forth. She would tell them, take it then have a cheap copy made or put some costume jewelry on her. The theft in homes is outrageous and it’s all staff. Usually it would end up stolen. Also, our family made this mistake twice, we buried my grandmother and a great aunt each with a ring on because we couldn’t bring ourselves to take them off. It was a mistake. Now I wish I had them. What good are they deep in the ground. If I can’t do it, I’ll ask the funeral director from now on. Just a thought on family jewelry.

  13. My sister in law placed many rings on a table for me to choose from as my engagement ring. I chose one based on it speaking to me. I later found out it was, in fact, my mother-in-law’s engagement ring. I never met her, so it’s really special to this day, over 20 years later.

  14. My Mother’s wedding band was a simple wide gold band. After her passing in 2007, I asked my two sisters if I could have the band. I took Mother’s band and had a jeweler cut it into thirds so we could each have a part of her wedding ring. It serves as a lasting reminder of her unconditional love for her children–who were at times not very loving!

  15. My sister who is 6 years older than me bought me a very special piece of jewelry. When I turned 16 she bought me a gold initial ring for my “pinkie”. I had so much fun wearing it for many many years. I am now 60 and recently had it enlarged so I can wear it again. It means so much to me. It’s reminds me of her generosity and sweet love she gives to me.

  16. Such a hard question. Sold many timely treasures when we lost our business. More important things took precedence. Still have wonderful memories of special pieces even though not with me. Love is not defined by things but still nice to have.

  17. A few years after my Mother died ( She was only 56 and I 26 at the time) my Father gave my husband her wedding ring. My husband then had the diamonds put into a new setting and surprised me with it. This was and is a very precious gift from both of them, especially since my Mom and I were very close and her loss was so difficult for all of us.

    The jewelry shown is just stunning and any of us would be blessed to win. Thank you Phyllis for this opportunity to enter!

  18. My favorite is the charm bracelet that belonged to my mother. It is covered in charms from different stages in her life like her Sweet 16 birthday charm, graduation charms, and even a replica engagement set my father gave her.

  19. Diamond earrings worn by my grandmother everyday are my most precious mementos from her. They are probably close to a hundred years old.

  20. My mom loved unconditionally and looked for the best in everyone she met. She wore studs Daddy bought her until the day she died. I think she and I would choose the earrings, and then she would break them up to give each of her seven granddaughters and three great granddaughters a diamond to be turned into rings. Any leftovers she would share with her beloved daughter-in-law and me. Her legacy of love lives on.

  21. One of my most cherished pieces of jewelry is a beautiful pair of emerald cut Emerald earrings that my husband brought back from the US Virgin Islands the first work trip he made there when he was doing some sideline work there. He spent 10 days there with a work crew & while he was gone our 9 year old daughter was very sick with what ended up being giardia & got put in the hospital plus I fell & sprained both ankles & a wrist & had to chase a dog down that ran off (LOL) so he knew he better come home with something good – but that was beyond what I had hoped for!!! My other one is my 2nd wedding ring that I got for no reason other than he said it was time I had one you could actually SEE – as he was a college student when he bought my first diamond & it was pretty small.

  22. My 2 most treasured pieces of jewelry my engagement ring and my Mother’s pearls. My solitaire engagement ring because it is the symbol of my husband’s faithfulness to me for 45 years and our enduring love. And my Mother’s pearls because she was so proud of them. She did not have expensive jewelry and this single strand of pearls were so special to her. She wore them on the most important occasions in her life and now they are mine and remind me of her so much.

  23. After my husband proposed 36 years ago, he told me I would have to wait for a ring. Told him the ring didn’t matter to me. Well, he later took out all the money he had in savings and had a solitaire made for me. What a surprise. He said we trade it later when we had more money – told him no way! About 20 years ago for a gift, he gave me a cross necklace covered with set rubies – told me I was worth more than rubies (Proverbs 31:10.) Cried again with surprise. Then on my 60th Birthday, he gave me a band made of rubies and diamonds. I am so blessed!

  24. When my daughter was just 10 years old we were on summer vacation in Cape May, New Jersey. She spied a small shop where you could open your own oyster and get a pearl and she decided she wanted to do this. She used all her spending money (a small fortune to her at the time) and when she finally opened the oyster, much to her delight, she not only got one pearl, but two!! I saved these pearls for many years, and when she turned 40, I had the pearls set into a beautiful ring with peridots (her birthstone) and gave it to her for her birthday. I am so pleased every time she wears this cherished piece of jewelry with a special story to go with it. And, by the way, we still vacation in Cape May every year and always remember how a little girl chose to spend all her vacation money!

  25. My Mom & Dad gave me a garnet and seed pearl ring for graduation 50 years ago. It is my most prized possession. I truly appreciate your sentimental stories…thank you!

  26. My parents gave me a gold signet ring with delicate carving of my first initial on it for my 16th birthday. Decades later, the initial has long ago worn off, but I am still wearing it and loving it every day. I treasure this special gift my parents gave to me as it is a reminder of their precious love for me.

  27. My dad gave me a diamond dinner ring when I graduated from college and my engagement diamond from my husband are my most special pieces of jewelry. Wear them everyday and love the sentiment and feeling of love they represent.

  28. My mother remarried when I was 13 years old. When I graduated from high school she surprised me by resetting her diamond from her first engagement ring in a setting with the diamond surrounded by rubies in the shape of a flower. I wore this ring for years and when my daughter, who is my mother’s namesake, graduated from college, I reset the ring in a more modern style with the original rubies in a wide gold band, also in the shape of a flower and gave it to her. It makes me happy whenever I see this ring on my daughter’s hand.

  29. Oh I loved reading about the precious jewelry that everyone has passed down to them or their husband has surprised them with!
    I have always wanted a pearl necklace and still do. I have hinted many many times but still no pearls! Maybe someday!
    Thanks ladies for sharing your stories!!

  30. When my husband and I were young, we enjoyed trips to the nearby North Carolina mountains. Almost inevitably, floating ahead of our car would be a contingent of multicolored butterflies acting as if they wanted to lead usc. I laughingly said they were my loyal subjects welcoming me home as their queen. So one day my husband presented me with a small velvet box which I knew had to contain jewelry. It certainly did – a dainty, shimmering, cloisonne butterfly necklace! Each time we went to the mountains and butterflies led the way for us, my husband would purchase another artistic necklace for me. I eventually had about four butterfly necklaces and brooches of various metals and designs. My husband said he wanted me to have reminders to feel as free as the butterflies!

  31. On our 7 year anniversary my husband gave me a ruby solitaire ring with a diamond on each side of the ruby. After being speechless, He said “I hope this will prevent the 7 year itch!” Well it worked, we will be celebrating our 36th in June!

  32. For our 18th anniversary my husband had a blue topaz ring made for me. I loved wearing it for years, then one Christmas, husband decided to give me earrings to match the stone. He took our teenaged daughters with him as consultants, and they shopped all day trying to match the stones. Every jewelry store they went to wanted to clean the ring for him, but he wouldn’t let them clean it because he said I would be able to tell and he wanted the gift to be a surprise. They were successful with the earrings, and I love wearing the set, mostly because of the love and care he put into finding them for me.

  33. My most cherished piece of jewellery is my beauitiful grandmother’s Art Deco style engagement ring which she received from my grandfather in 1920. Grandma was my kindred spirit and my very best friend growing up, and until the day she went to heaven when she was 92. I am honoured that my mother gifted me with Gram’s ring, as I am the youngest of four daughters in our family. I wear it on my right hand every day and will pass it on to my daughter some day, who I named after my dear grandmother.

  34. When my grandson was in kindergarten his class went Christmas shopping. They each had $5.00 in there little pockets. He was so excited! Without my knowledge, he had heard me say at some point that I would like a diamond ring. So, bless his sweet heart, he bought me a precious little adjustable ring with an emerald color “gem” and surprised me with it on Christmas day! He was so excited to give it to me that he couldn’t stop smiling and jumping up and down until I opened his present. I am still over the moon in love with that precious ring. My grandson is now 25 years old. I will never, ever forget the joy on his sweet face that Christmas morning.

  35. I have several heart necklaces that my husband has given me over the years that are very special to me but since I’ve recently lost my mother…and my father a few years ago…the gold locket necklace that they gave me 17 years ago for my 50th birthday is very dear to me. Though it is so precious to me, their love for the Lord and for us is a priceless gift that I will forever be grateful for.

  36. Hands down, my favorite piece of jewelry is my engagement/wedding set. I will never forget the feeling of young love and the sweetness of my soon -to-be husband as he helped me pick it out and then worked so hard to proudly pay for it.

  37. Thank you to the lovely women who in the posts above have shared beautiful stories of beloved jewelry. It was interesting to read the good fortune of so many to have family pieces to treasure. Although my simple gold wedding band can no longer fit over my “old” finger, it is priceless to me. MM

  38. I treasure my mother’s wedding rings after she passed away. I remember always seeing them on her hands as a child and admiring them. My own wedding rings are almost identical. Last June my daughter was married and her rings were being made and were not ready in time so I offered my mom’s rings to her to wear. She wore them for 3 months and it was so special to see them on her finger. It was a special moment when they were placed on her finger during the ceremony.

  39. Among several favorite pieces of jewelry is a brooch in the shape of an eagle. It belonged to my maternal grandmother who always wore it on a black winter coat. Some years ago I wore it to a conference in Washington, D. C. and the brooch was admired by a member of Congress. Although my grandmother had passed away several years before that, I couldn’t help but think that after coming to this country from Austria as a young bride in 1910, how proud that would have made her.

  40. When I was 10, my Daddy gave me a Peridot birthstone ring set in yellow gold. He and my mother would not let me wear it till I was about 16 because they thought I would lose it. They were probably right. I still wear it sometimes, but I do see it in my jewelry box every day. My son at age 16 bought me a pretty garnet ring for Christmas with money he earned from his first job, and I also see that every day. Mama gave me a little diamond ring the Christmas right after my father died. I see that, too, when I open the box each day. Everything in there is attached to a memory — our marriage, a birthday, anniversary, holiday, etc. I think the real value of these things, though, is just that — the memory it represents.

  41. I have pearls that belonged to my mother who passed away. They were the first jewelry of value that she bought herself when she was a young woman.

  42. I am blessed to have received several special pieces of jewelry from my parents and husband. One of my most treasured items is the ring my husband gave me to celebrate our 40th Anniversary.

  43. After my mom passed away I took a card she had sent to me and her signature was engraved into a charm for a special necklace. On one side it is signed Love, Mom and the other Mimi. My daughters called her Mimi and now their children call me the same. Her beautiful penmanship is captured perfectly in the engraving. I wear it close to my heart.

  44. Almost fifty four years ago, as a newly engaged couple, we chose our wedding rings by placing different diamonds into a variety of settings. We found the perfect combinations, and those rings today are still the most important jewelry that I wear and are a symbol of our love.

  45. When my father passed away at the age of 83 my mom gave me his wedding band. I have not taken it off since the day she gave it to me.

  46. My very favorite is a tiny ring that my uncle gave my mom when she was 12 years old. She gave it to me when I turned 12 years old and I wore it everyday. Then my mom gave me a diamond dinner ring for my high school graduation (41 years ago). I wear that to this day and my wedding ring on my other hand.

  47. I love beautiful jewelry, especially diamond rings. I can’t help it, I just do! I love wearing it and I love seeing gorgeous pieces on other people, too. Rubies, Pearls, Emeralds and Sapphires are very close seconds!

  48. Helen

    I just love all jewelry, the pieces pictured are exquisite!!!! I would really appreciate winning
    something so beautiful, to be treasured!!! Thank You!!

  49. My engagement ring has always been most special as the diamond originally belonged to my husband’s paternal grandmother. What could be more loving than to be trusted with a family treasure!

  50. My most precious piece is a cross that my mother-in-law gave me for my wedding day that was her mother’s. It’s beautiful and full of memories.

  51. Each year my hubs gives me jewelry for Christmas, birthday, and anniversary which all fall within a 2 week period…. he always does great!!!
    But the precious, treasured piece is my mother-in-laws wedding ring which she gave me before passing away. Not giving the ring to her daughter, but to her daughter-in-law was over the top……

  52. I was recently given a gold and diamond ring from my mother-in-law. It had belonged to her great aunt who had no children of her own. My mother-in-law only had two sons, so no daughter to pass the ring to. I felt (and still do feel) deeply honored to have the ring given to me. I will cherish it as long as I live.

  53. My husband loves to buy me jewelry so there are many specials moments that are remembered with a piece of beautiful jewelry…

    Perhaps my favorite was the 3 gold charms he selected to commemorate the birth of our 3 children…

  54. My spouse loves to buy me jewelry for no reason. A couple years ago on our 50th wedding anniversary he gifted me with the most beautiful bracelet. Very special!

  55. Pearls! They are the only gem that comes from nature perfect. They don’t need to be cut, shaped or polished. They have been part of a living creature, which created this item of beauty. My most meaningful strand of pearls was given to me by my son for my 50th birthday. They are a near-perfect strand of white, genuine akoya pearls. When I wear them my son is close to my heart, because he passed away less than three years after giving them to me. I take them more slowly from my jewelry box, and fit the clasp behind my neck more tenderly, than any other necklace I own. I’m grateful he gave me a gift that I will be able to enjoy and keep close to my heart for the rest of my life, and then give to my granddaughter – his niece – for her to carry the memory forward.

  56. I have always wanted a diamond heart pendant. My husband knew this. When he felt the time was right he gave me one on my 49th birthday. Just before we found out we were going to be first time grandparents. I will always remember that

  57. My darling husband has gifted me with lovely jewelry through out our marriage. Each has a special meaning but the one gift that means the most are the tiny sapphire and diamond earrings he gave me on our honeymoon. We married four days before my birthday due to a number of factors. He wanted to be sure I never felt shortchanged because my birthday was so close to our wedding/anniversary. We were young and the fact that he thought about this made me realize I’d married the right guy. Thirty-six years later, I still know that’s true.

  58. As a child I admired my grandmother’s cameo brooch……never did I dream she would give it to me but she did! I felt so special and have treasured throughout the years. So many memories.

  59. I absolutely love the bracelet on the right! The one with the 2 rows of flowers! I am a major flower person! I just love anything flowers! Thank you so much for the chance to win! These are amazing pieces a jewelry!

  60. Not needing another ring when I inherited a cluster ring from my Mother, my jeweler cut the cluster off, flat, added a hook and made me a beautiful necklace. I love it and it looks so much bigger and brighter than it did as a ring. I wear it almost everyday and think of her when I do. I would have never thought to do this.

  61. Over the years my family have all given me really nice pieces, but now that my dad has passed away, the birthstone pendant he picked out for me has taken on the most special meaning for me. I miss you, Dad.

  62. That precious moment jewelry piece would be my mother’s charm bracelet. I found it in her jewelry box when I was securing her possessions as she entered the nursing home. My childhood charm bracelet was right next to it in the jewelry box, a memory that I cherish and will never forget!

  63. My Dad passed away taking a nap one afternoon. He was wearing a cross necklace and a ring with his initials on at the time. I asked Mom for both and I wear the ring with the cross around my neck every single day. It’s been 9 years and I still miss him so….

  64. My favorite piece of jewelry is an antique white gold and diamond ring my husband inherited from his Godmother many years ago.

  65. Boys will be boys, but once in awhile they get it right. My 4th of seven sons asked each of his brothers to contribute to purchase my ring for Mother’s Day. It sparkles with seven tiny little diamonds, one representing each one of them.

  66. When my husband and I became engaged, neither of us had much money. I told him I didn’t need an engagement ring, that just a simple gold wedding band for each of us on our wedding day would be perfect. On Christmas, months before we married, he surprised me with a beautiful engagement ring!! We’re approaching our 25 th wedding anniversary. He has blessed me with many surprises through all these years. So grateful for his kindness toward me!

  67. My parents passed away last year, so I found an old birthday card with their signatures on it and had a small gold bar engraved in their actual handwriting- With love, Mom and Dad.

  68. Growing up, I had two charm bracelets…one gold, one silver. Each charm represented something or someone important in my life. I don’t wear them that often now, but from time to time I will take them out and when I look through all the charms, the sweetest memories come back to me.

  69. My most special jewelry is my wedding ring which we had redone for our 25th wedding
    anniversary! Twenty years later, I am completely delighted with it: my original Florentined wide-band yellow-gold wedding ring, now with narrow white gold bands (one of which was my engagement ring) on each side, with my solitaire diamond mounted in the center of the wide band. Others often comment on its uniqueness. I wear it with great love!

  70. Virginia

    My dad gave me money one year for Christmas. He was very tight with his money and I was quite sure he would never do this again. I bought beautiful diamond earrings that I have worn continually since that day. Surprising all of his family, he continued the practice of nice Christmas checks until he passed away in 2004.

  71. I have Mama’s wedding band that has little orange blossoms on it. If she and Daddy were alive today they would be married almost 90 years.

  72. When I turned 16 years old, my mother passed on to me a platinum diamond ring that had belonged to my father’s maternal Aunt Rose. I in turn passed the ring on to my God daughter and niece Gina when she turned 16. Gina is my only brother’s eldest child and only daughter. I asked her to keep this tradition and to pass the diamond ring on in the future to either her niece when she turns 16 or if she has one, her own daughter. Recently Gina told me that she has been wearing the diamond ring again while the jeweler was fixing her own engagement ring.

  73. I can vividly remember my mother wearing a beautiful commemorative crown broach from Queen Elizabeth’s coranation. I treasure it. One day it will belong to my granddaughter, Eleanor. Eleanor loves to go through my “heart box” and look at each piece of jewelry as I tell her the piece’ s story.

  74. My precious piece of jewelry was my grandmother’s ring. It is gold with a small emerald and tiny pearls. I can remember as a child sitting in her kitchen admiring her ring lying in a dish as she baked. Sadly our house was broken into last Saturday night and the ring was stolen.

  75. My Jersalum cross. I never take it off. I purchased it at the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C. over 25 years ago. Such an amazing place to visit and worship in our nation’s capital. Not only does it remind my of God’s love and sacrifice it reminds me of the principals our nation was found on and my hope America never sways from believing “In God we trust. “

  76. My diamond earrings my husband gave me when our son was born 40 years ago & have not worn any other earrings since!

  77. My most precious piece of jewelry is my engagement ring. It’s a miniature of my husband’s West Point ring – except my ring has diamonds in it. It was given to me almost 54 years ago.

  78. I love earrings and have had some very special gifts of earrings so that would be my favorite. Thanks for all your wonderful magazines.

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