My Flowers are Waking Up!

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After a long winter’s nap, my flowers are coming up and blooming. I planted fall bulbs last year in hopes they would bloom this year. Last summer was the first year for my garden, and there were some perennials that returned faithfully this year. The lamb’s ears I planted for my grandson came back full and strong. He loves the soft, fur-like feel of the leaves. My granddaughter’s favorite pink rose has returned. And the peonies I planted for my daughter-in-law are ready to bloom.

I planted a new daffodil that has quickly become my new favorite (which changes weekly). It has white petals with an enchanting double coral center. Oh, I just love these. I must plant more of these in the fall. They will return year after year.

My planters have Johnny-jump-ups (violas) in a rich blue-purple that surround a bright orange ranunculus. These did well to survive our unexpected snow, and I was so happy to see them pop-up their little heads. They will go away when the hot weather comes to stay.

A new addition to the garden is the vivid orange rose. Oh my, how this one stands out! The vibrant color is a great contrast to the deep green foliage.

I love being in my garden. It is my quiet place where I find peace and restoration. I love to look at new plants coming up and wonder what they will be. Why would I write it down when I planted them? That would be too smart! So everything is really a surprise for me.

Start with a small pot and plant something. You will enjoy watching the plant grow and bloom.

What do you have planted in your garden this year?
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  1. Your flowers are very pretty. The daffodils are fabulous and the orange rose is stunning. You have lovely color and great ties to your plants such as the lamb’s ear for your grandson…that is so sweet! I must remember that! Every year I think Fall is my favorite season until Spring comes and then I’m in love with it! There’s so much hope and excitement in a Spring garden.

  2. Your garden is so lovely. Every year my husband and I plant herbs, veggies, and flowering bushes, perrineals and annuals. It’s very rewarding to watch our “soil kiddies” start peaking their little heads up through the dirt and growing into healthy blessings to touch, smell, see and taste.
    One spring after we had planted, a brutal ice storm killed many of our veggies even though we covered them. We started pulling up the dead veggies, when we discovered a very tiny green leaf at the bottom of a bell pepper plant. We decided to let it remain in hopes that it would grow. Wow, did it ever! We had so many peppers that year – enough for our neighbors, families and co-workers. That one little green leaf taught us so much!
    Thank you for sharing your garden, and may it continue to be as much a blessing to you as ours has to us.

  3. Phyllis I enjoy your post. Yes, gardening is such great therapy. The renewal in Spring is a welcome sight. Thank you for sharing your new home & garden. Jeannie

  4. We are in a new home and recently planted a rose garden. I just found out that deer like to roam in our neighborhood, so I am diligent about spraying deer repellent. I also planted lavender around the rose garden. Does anyone have other ideas for keeping roses “safe” from the deer? One of the first things I do every morning is run to the window to see if my roses were a midnight snack!

  5. Spring is finally here in northeast Ohio! Miss my Georgia home so much this time of year, love the orange rose!I think I need it

  6. Up here in Toronto, our spring has not yet arrived. We had a terrible wind and ice storm last weekend and so where we would normally see daffodils, snowdrops and crocuses, there are still clumps of snow and mud. Thank you so much for sharing pictures of your beautiful flowers. Last year, my husband and I were in Cape May N.J…our first spring there and we were so wowed by all the different spring blooms…our favourite were the Kwanzan cherry tree blossoms! So pretty. I will have to be just a little more patient, but I am looking forward to seeing my lily of the valley, lilacs and sprigs of chives for cooking,I miss them so much during the winter.

  7. I love the Spring with all the flowering dogwood, crepe myrtle , azaleas and forsythia. What I have planted in my garden is always a mystery. I think I’ve planted one thing and something different appears. Once I transplanted a hydrangea and it seemed to dry up only to “come alive” again a few weeks later. Gardens bring me such joy. I’ll keep planting by faith in hopes of beautiful “fruit.” Kind of reminds me of raising children…

  8. It has been such a cold, snowy winter here in West Michigan that my flowers are hiding their pretty faces for a bit. However, I became so excited as I was walking through my front garden today to come upon my fully blooming Lenten Rose. I really needed that!! Spring really is here

  9. Isn’t the spring renewal wonderful? I must plant more spring bulbs again this fall as the critters dig up some of mine . When I lived on our 3 acres I planted a half acre in mixed wildflowers and each year a different one was dominant…so pretty. Some years were red poppies, other years white daisies, and another purple sweet rocket. We made the front page of local newspaper! Enjoy the day and thanks for sharing.

  10. Thank you for sharing your spring flowers. Our violas at FrenchGardenHouse are putting on a stellar show, and the roses are just now starting to bloom. I love this time of year! I hope your garden is a true delight for you this year, Phyllis!

  11. I love “Johnny Jump Ups”! Did you know that you can press them in a flower press and they are wonderful then to create into beautiful cards or bookmarks? YES! Enjoy!

    1. And they are edible too! They would look really pretty on a pale yellow frosted cake.

      I am excited to plant my herb garden this year. I have a small plot in a community garden and will grow basil, oregano, sage, thyme, etc. Can’t wait to make fresh pesto for pasta and have herb garnishes for other dishes, YUM!

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