Planting Seeds and Harvesting

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This time of year, when all the pumpkins and fall vegetables are showing up at local farmers’ markets, I just marvel at the beauty of the season. It’s interesting to think that months ago, farmers were out in the gardens and fields planting seeds, hoping and praying that the harvest would be plentiful.

Planting seeds requires preparation, planting, praying for rain, and then watching for growth while fending off insects. My grandparents were farmers, and every year, they had magnificent gardens. When it came time to harvest, we all participated in the fun—as we kids saw it—but in fact, it was hard work. Granddad Hill would bring beautiful pumpkins up from the fields. Granddad Norton grew cotton, and when it was time to pick, it became a community-wide event.

There is something special about harvest, isn’t there? One thing that I do know is that at the end of the harvest, not matter what the crop, they all saved seeds for the next year. It was self-perpetuating year after year.

Our lives are like that, aren’t they? When we invest in our children and grandchildren by helping them establish a foundation for life, we are planting seeds. As we watch them grow and mature, we pray that the seeds we planted when they were young will come to fruition.

Planting seeds isn’t only about our own family; we can plant seeds in the lives of those around us who need encouragement. It may only be a few kind words of encouragement or a person that you mentor through a time in their lives. We will never have all the answers or even most answers, but when you spend time with a person, you can change their lives. Investing time is a gift we can give others.

As you look around at the beauty of the season, look also for someone who could use some seeds of kindness and encouragement. You will never know how a few words can make a world of difference!

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  1. Just what we need, in a world where everyone text it’s hard for older people to have a conversation with a real live person.
    Stop, look around, smile and actually see people.
    Be kind, our older generation has so much knowledge stored in experiences
    that we can benefit from just talking and asking questions.
    Show people you care. In a little country church in Tuscaloosa county I heard this when I was growing up. “ I would rather see a sermon than hear one any day.” We all need to show seeds of kindness!
    Thank you! For this reminder today.

  2. Thank you for this ‘seed’ that you have planted in our hearts today. May the Lord bless it with His sweet, holy rain from heaven to produce a wonderful harvest that will transform the lives of those who live in darkness & need His glorious Light. Thank you for being a Light Carrier!!

  3. When I am checking out at a store I always smile and ask how the cashier is doing. Even when they may be curt you never know what kind of day they are having or what their life is like and by doing so you may bring a little joy to them.

    I love your blog! You have a beautiful spirit and it warms my heart to know that you are a Sister in Christ to many.

  4. Phyllis, your message brought a tear to my eyes. I was a teacher for 25 years and occasionally I run into a former student who mentions how I influenced their life. That is the best!

  5. Phyllis, this is a post so close to my heart. I love this. We never know just how much a kind word, or a caring act may mean to someone. It takes almost no effort to gift a beautiful smile to a stranger, or someone we love, but it can change their whole day! Xo Lidy

  6. I love this post. We need to invest more time and sow a lot more seeds. Thank you Phyllis for your beautiful spirit. Have a blessed day!


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