Planting Seeds and Harvesting

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This time of year, when all the pumpkins and fall vegetables are showing up at local farmers’ markets, I just marvel at the beauty of the season. It’s interesting to think that months ago, farmers were out in the gardens and fields planting seeds, hoping and praying that the harvest would be plentiful. Planting seeds requires preparation, planting, praying for …

fall festivals

Celebrate Autumn Fun with Fall Harvest Festivals

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We all know autumn is my favorite time of year. There are just so many amazing things these months bring! One of the season’s highlights is all of the fall harvest festivals. Traditionally, these celebrations are held on the day of the Harvest Moon or the nearest Sunday. The Harvest Moon is the full moon closest to the autumnal equinox, …

Garden Harvest

Welcome Fall with Garden Harvesting

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Have I told you about the garden we had? A couple of years ago, we decided to start growing vegetables right outside our kitchen. This time of the year during the fall harvest is the perfect time to try your hand at gardening and see if you have that green thumb. For our garden, we transformed a flower bed that’s …