My Side of the Story – A Sister Tale

My Side of the Story – A Sister’s Tale

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When Phyllis said she was going to be away for a few days for rest & relaxation, I jokingly said that I was going to take over the blog and tell my side of the story! So here goes!

When Phyllis and Neal were contemplating the offer on their old house, she was worrying about where they could live for a few short months. I offered my extra space in our house. Now, keep in mind that my husband and I have been empty nesters for 10 years. We are those happy empty nesters who have enjoyed seeing our children pursue their dreams and occasionally come home for short visits! So, when Phyllis texted me and said, “Were you serious about us moving in with you?” the first thing I did was call my husband. “Are you ok with them moving in?” I asked. Without pausing he said “Absolutely!”

So, we began the process of cleaning out and setting up a comfortable place for Phyllis and Neal to call home for a while. We wanted them to feel as welcomed as they could because, after all, they were the ones that were going to be out of their “comfort zone” for a while, not us!

I know in the years to come, we will have many fun stories and laughs about this time together! Many of them will probably be documented on this blog! We hope that it will always be remembered as a special time.

When people find out that my sister and her husband are living with us, I tell them immediately that I know she would do the same thing for me! Hospitality does not have to be some grand gesture…it is just sharing what you have with others.

Have any of your siblings moved in with you?

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  1. I had a situation like this. And I just adore my sister but I have five sisters so if all five came to live with me I think I would be pulling my hair out. And their husbands they would be sleeping out on the lawn. You’re a good woman and your sister is also a good woman. Many blessings to both of you

  2. Hello, Janice. I’m glad to meet you here at Ribbon. You and Phyllis sound like my sister, Ann, and me, except from some odd differences. She is the Little sister at 5’7″ and I am the Big Sister at 4’10”. She is shaped like a long version of my figure and now that I am overweight she can wear some of my hand-me-downs again, as she has become very slender.

    I’m the one like you. I wore my hair very much like yours when I was younger and it was thicker, so I think it is cute. My sister is like Phyllis, always wearing her hair in some smooth swept way. She wears all cotton, linen, silk or wool tailored traditional things and I’m the one in animal prints, in or out of fashion, wild colors and splashy flowers. (I know fashion mavens say I should be more conservative, but unless a solid neutral -colored style has an extremely interesting cut I find it dull for me. Our Grandfather used to say, “There’s no disputing taste said the lady as she kissed the cow”. and I agree, but never kiss cows.) My sister and I have lots in common and have lovely times together but when we disagree she says she is scared of me. “Though she be but little she is fierce” Shakespeare. She drives her Jaguar, Black Bart, like Grandma Moses and says I drive whatever I drive “like Hitler!” I hope you’ll tell us some more of your side of things. I like you already – you’re so much like me.
    Am I not terrible?

  3. So fun to hear your side of the story. After decades of reading Hoffmann media publications, I love knowing more about the family that inspires such beauty and grace.

  4. Love your smile and your gracious hospitality to someone I feel is a friend, via her delightful blog and all the magazines she edited that I have enjoyed through the years.

    Yes,my had a sister and her baby move in for several months. I loved the bonding with my nephew and was happy to do what I could for them. This was when our children were young, so everyone chipped and made the best of it.

    Can’t wait to see what you have to say next,

  5. I love your happy face and all the stories! Can you imagine if I moved in with my sister? Lol
    Can’t wait to read more of your stories. Tell us about your new shoes, I know you have some!
    When does Phyllis move out? I want to be next to move in! I’ll leave Danny in Texas.

  6. Unfortunately, I don’t have a sister, but I have always loved being around sisters as they seem to have so much fun together! How lovely to hear from you while Phyllis has a well deserved rest. I can’t wait to hear more of your adventures together.

  7. This was just wonderful! Ihave a sister I’m in contact with every day, and I wouldn’t trade her for anything. So nice to hear another “sister story”. Thank you!

  8. If I moved in with my newly widowed sister she would love it because she hates to cook and I love to cook. I hate washing dishes and she loves washing dishes. How did that ever happen? We would play so hard in the house and yard that we would fall asleep at the supper table with our faces in the dinner plate. Who knows, it could happen

  9. So happy to meet you, Janice!!! You and Phyllis are a dynamite duo and I know we all can’t wait to hear more of your heartwarming and hilarious sister stories. I have three sisters but none have moved in. My travels to France with one sister were beyond belief and I’ll treasure that time with her forever! We even ended up in the graveyard in Mont Saint Michel at midnight! I think when sisters get together times can be wild and crazy and so much fun!!! Pat is waiting for the Sister Saga book and I’m waiting for the sitcom! All the best to you and Phyllis!!!

  10. How nice to meet you, Janice! It’s not often that sisters get the opportunity to move back in with one another! It sounds like it will be both a blessing and a joy for each of you! Looking forward to more “other side of the story” stories!

    PS- I liked your apple green ceiling suggestion!

  11. One by one each of my three siblings lived with me when they transitioned from Florida to North Carolina. Each was a unique experience but overall wonderful and something I still treasure for the memories. When my parents moved in it all came full circle. Now it’s just my mom and the memories are even better.

  12. Knowing the both of you and sharing such fond memories together, I think it was totally appropriate for you to tell your side! It has been fun to keep up with the “journey”
    you two sisters are now on. Both of you are as funny as your Mother, so I know there
    has to be constant laughter in the home. What a blessing for each of you to have a
    fantastic sister!

    Love you both!
    Sandra Crocker

  13. What a delight to hear the other side of the story and to see a picture of you.
    I have told Phyllis that I am waiting for the book.

  14. Loved your writing and look forward to future stories. I have two daughters and hope as sisters they come to enjoy the warm and wonderful relationship you and your sister enjoy.

  15. I am enjoying this saga and look forward to future posts. I laugh at the thought of living with my sister for even a moment. What is the old saying? We are too much alike to get along. LOL. Good to hear your side of the story. – Marie

  16. Love what your side of this adventure is Janice. I’m sure that you and Phyllis will be able to write a book after your time together! Enjoy

  17. What a wonderful opportunity to share some time with a loved sister
    not to mention “up close and personal.” How cool to write together as well!

  18. Janice, what a treat to “meet” you here. I wish I had a sister, but I do have sisters of the heart, best friends I cherish like sisters. You are a sweet sister to open up your home, and yes, I DO love your hair, just like I thought I would after Phyllis described it. xo Lidy

  19. Oh yes. My sister and her husband moved in with us when they were looking for a home in our community.
    Yes that is what family is.

  20. Love hearing from the sister! What a lovely blog write up, the gift of writing must run in your family! Love to hear from both of you beautiful gals!

  21. Excellent blogging and photos. I look forward to reading more about you two sharing your stories together. Harmony and loving sisters – it’s never too late to rekindle the fun times together, you’ll remember this moment forever. Time for precious moments…

    Meg McDonough
    President, Luxury Hospitality Consultants
    Sarasota, FL

  22. It is very nice to hear the other side of the story. I haven’t had any of my sibling live with me, but I would offer it to them in a heart beat! When my in-laws were adding on to their home they lived with the other 2 sons and their families. I didn’t get the chance because I live 2 hours away from everyone and jobs. But I would have liked to have the chance! It would have been a blast!

  23. Janice, I love your hair! And yes, when I still lived at home with my parents, my sister and her husband moved back in with us for several weeks. The three of us had a groove and it was a bit of an adjustment , but we all did fine. Even though my brother-in-law kept teasing me about using my toothbrush! I still sometimes ask my dad if he would let me come home. Even though I have been married for 25+ years and have 2 children, he always says yes.

  24. No, because I have no siblings (I’m an only child).

    But, I have sooooo enjoyed these blogs!! So fun and so much love.

    I love ❤️ family stories and am so lucky to have two wonderful children, their two wonderful spouses and four amazing grandchildren. I adore them all!!!

    My favorite saying is…
    “Children are the rainbow of life…
    Grandchildren are the “Pot of Gold”!!! So true!!

    So, keep up the hilarious and heart warming stories sisters. I enjoy them all!

  25. Janice! Do you remember me, Susan Woodard the flower girl from the conferences back in 2007ish? I just loved visiting with you and think about you from time to time. I love getting this blog post and picturing you and Phyllis as roomies…with hubbies. Hope you are doing well XOXO

  26. So glad to hear the “other side of the story.” What a gracious, loving set of sisters!

    A few years ago when our daughter and her husband and three daughers sold their house and had not yet been able to find another one, they asked if they could live in our basement for a few weeks. My husband immediately said YES!

    Then our loving son-in-law said very slowly: “I think you need to pray and think about this. We take up a lot of space . . . and we make a lot of noise!”

    We left the offer open, but they decided it would be better for them to rent a three-bedroom apartment for the duration–which became NINE months! And our son-in-law said that the apartment grew smaller day by day!

    As empty nesters, we too enjoy our quiet!

  27. Oh how sweet! How wonderful it is to see such love between sisters as the two of you demonstrate. What a great example to others of what it means to help others, whether they are family or not.
    Thank you girls for sharing this with us. By the way, Sister, you are just as lovely as your “Sister. 🙂

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