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Hospitality Trays 101

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It is often the simplest of gestures that let people know you care. Hospitality trays might sound elevated and fancy, but the truth is, they could not be any easier to put together! Create this special experience for your guests just one time, and you’ll never turn back after seeing how surprised and delighted they are. Having one of these trays …

My Side of the Story – A Sister Tale

My Side of the Story – A Sister’s Tale

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When Phyllis said she was going to be away for a few days for rest & relaxation, I jokingly said that I was going to take over the blog and tell my side of the story! So here goes! When Phyllis and Neal were contemplating the offer on their old house, she was worrying about where they could live for …

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Hospitality Trays: Creatively Showing Guests You Care

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I love hospitality trays, especially when I am the guest! Does that sound selfish? I hope not because I love seeing people use their creativity to prepare for guests. I have been in homes of friends where a tray is always ready to go and so creative. My friend Dell has a tray on every bed in her home. She …