Beautiful Ivy Tablescape

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Do you have an especially cherished set of dishes? I have many that are special to me for various reasons, but one of the most meaningful is my mother’s green ivy dishes. The ivy wreaths on the classic white dishes with a green trim have always caught my eye. Ivy is a greenery that I always have in abundance. I …

Introducing New Southern Spaces Book

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One of my favorite things about living in the South is the beautiful homes. I always love seeing the variations in architecture and style across the region. Decorating a home is truly an art. Southern Spaces is a new book that explores the aspects of decorating that are uniquely Southern. Editor Kathleen J. Whaley was kind enough to share some …

History of the Bridal Trousseau

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When I graduated from high school, my dad made me a blanket chest out of walnut wood. I had seen one in an antique store that was completely out of the question to buy. I took him over to see it and he made me my very own blanket chest that I still cherish today. It took the place of …

Epergne - Ribbon In My Journal

Magical Marriage of Serving and Centerpiece

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It is no secret that I love beautiful serving pieces. I also love beautiful centerpieces. When I find both of those things combined into one, it’s even better. This magical combination comes in the form of the epergne. An epergne is a dining centerpiece that sits on four feet with a large central bowl and four or more smaller bowls …

Introducing the Tiny Book of Mason Jar Recipes!

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I am thrilled to show you the latest installment in our Small Pleasures book series. The Tiny Book of Mason Jar Recipes is perfect for your bookshelf or coffee table and is a darling look at the beloved Mason jar. I got to chat with the book’s editor, Cindy Smith Cooper, and I’m delighted to share our conversation so you …

Unique Centerpieces - Ribbon in my Journal

Unique Centerpieces

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It can be a challenge to keep your décor fresh and exciting. I can easily find myself falling into a rut with decorating, especially when it comes to decorating a tablescape. One way I have found to challenge myself and keep my skills sharp is to repurpose unconventional items as unique centerpieces for my table.  Cream pitchers and sugar bowls …

Gena Knox - Attic

Cookbook Author Gena Knox’s
Southern Cottage

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The Cottage Journal’s latest special edition, Southern Cottages, features a variety of beautiful homes. Among them is the home of cookbook author Gena Knox. With business owner and mom also among her credentials, Gena is already an inspiring woman. To see her home—with its warm touches and creative accents—only adds to her appeal. Gena’s love for the South is as …

Christmas with Southern Lady - The Ribbon in My Journal

Holiday Inspiration from Christmas with Southern Lady, Vol. 2

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Each year I look forward to getting out my Christmas decorations. While it’s not yet Thanksgiving, I am already looking forward to all of the favorite things I’ll unpack. Sometimes the anticipation is half the fun. With ornaments, our Nativity, and all of the other holiday items, there’s something so special about adding festive touches to our homes. This year …

Tips for Decorating for Fall from Victoria

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Guest post from the editors of Victoria From breathtaking vistas of changing leaves to the radiance of afternoon sunlight that will soon give way to striking ocher sunsets, nature brims with beauty during the fall. The kaleidoscope of hues and textures evident in our surroundings offers inspiration for bringing the splendor of this glorious season indoors. Our latest Victoria Classics …