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Unique Centerpieces

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It can be a challenge to keep your décor fresh and exciting. I can easily find myself falling into a rut with decorating, especially when it comes to decorating a tablescape. One way I have found to challenge myself and keep my skills sharp is to repurpose unconventional items as unique centerpieces for my table. 

Cream pitchers and sugar bowls are pieces that I always have around. If I’m not serving coffee, then I will use the cream pitcher and sugar bowl from the pattern of dishes that I set the table with as centerpieces. The cream pitcher below has simple roses in it, while the sugar bowl centerpiece came together in less than a minute with greenery that I picked from my yard.

Unique Centerpieces - Ribbon in my Journal

One of my absolute favorite items I have used as a centerpiece is this shoe. High heels and red are two of my signature items. Using the heel as a centerpiece is attention-grabbing without taking up too much space.

Unique Centerpieces - Ribbon in my Journal

Using unorthodox items for centerpieces is a wonderful way to use items that may be gathering dust in your cabinets. Estate sales and antique shops are places that you can search for unique centerpieces as well. No matter how you end up decorating your table, let your creativity and style shine through. That will make anything beautiful.

Do you have any go to unique centerpieces?

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  1. Charming!!

    I enjoy using a silver plate pitcher that is a deep repoussé rose pattern. It was a wonderful find which I’ve had so long that I have no clue where I found it!

  2. For a tea, one time, I used a crystal cake stand with a doily and my mother’s tea set from her childhood. She’s 91 years old and it was a surprise to her to find it there when we arrived at my church!

  3. oops, what I meant to say was my collection of crystal and clay pitchers not vases. A pour spout for yet two uses! Carmel

  4. I love the retro shoe idea! The most unique centerpiece I’ve used was for a Christmas tea party. The theme was “Winter Wonderland” (Christmas reds with an Alice in Wonderland twist). The centerpiece was my brother’s top hat accented by Queen of Hearts playing cards and red rose petals. 🙂

  5. These are some really creative ideas.
    I tend to get in a rut, too, in thinking that the only options are vases and candles.
    Thank you!

  6. I have a collection of crystal cut vases and clay vases I have collected over the years and I love to use them as always a
    go to, they are in different sizes small to large and they seem
    homey but still a touch of elegance! My sunflowers and zinnias are all
    blooming in the backyard and I just picked a bouquet they look
    so colorful against my white and black checkered tablecloth as we enjoy breakfast. Fresh picked flowers always go with the seasons and truly enjoyed. Have a colorful and wonderful fall season, Carmel

  7. I love using the gift tins that are too pretty orunique to toss after the contents have been eaten or used. We are always receiving some sort of tin at holidays or birthdays so have used them year round for center pieces. I like using small snippets from my citrus trees and herbs for fragrance . Most greens come from my yard.

  8. I love mixing a succulent or two in a bouquet , maybe a clay pot or silver bowl or teapot and a mixed bouquet always looks special

  9. I find myself using mason jars a lot, especially if it is a casual event…I line the table with small ones and insert different herbs in each one or I use a big jar for flowers. (You can find mason jars in different coloured glass now.) If you are serving Italian food, you can use big, empty can of tomatoes, label still on, to hold glowers as well.I used a pretty enamelled colander once for a thanksgiving centrepiece…I filled it with assorted fruits and mini pumpkins. Love the shoe idea!

  10. Antique school books intermingled with a hodge podge of candlesticks or freezer burnt coffee beans repurposed for decorating randomly scattered in the table’s center for a natural table scatter are some of my favorite go to centerpieces. Thank you for sharing the high heel. I’m definitely going to be on the lookout for the “perfect” heels to decorate my table with.

  11. In the first picture, you have used some plant that has small, round berries (or something). In the front arrangement, they are green, in the back arrangement they are pink. Any idea what this plant is?

  12. With flowers, I often use an odd-shaped tea pot (for a low arrangement), or a cut glass water pitcher that was an antique shop find. For added drama, I group various candlesticks – using colored tapers that match the design in my napkins.

  13. Curious………..what is the greenery that looks like green grapes at first glance? The greenery with the yellow roses? Very unique!

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