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My Top 3 Fall Favorites

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Like I’ve said before, this time of year is so revitalizing for me, and I just can’t help but soak up all of the wonderful things that autumn has to offer! It was difficult to narrow it down, but here are my three fall favorites.

1. Football

go team tailagte

My love for Saturdays full of football in the South runs deeper than the game itself. I love that football is something that brings people together. Think about it—we plan, pack, cook, bake, drive, set up tents, and all the in-between to spend game day surrounded by friends and family cheering on our teams. And whether those cheers are for the same team or not, there is still a sense of community and togetherness there. (Some may need to get to Monday to realize it, but the love is still there). It’s wonderful to go into the week and hear everyone’s different game day experience—whether their team won or lost!

2. Pumpkin Spice Latte


My goodness, people sure are crazy for this drink (myself included). With a 2018 release date as early as late August and 110,000 followers on Twitter, I think it’s safe to call the PSL a cultural phenomenon. As I thought about picking up a steamy cup of my own the other day, I couldn’t help but wonder how in the world a latte built such a loyal fan base. It is of course, delicious— the spices, espresso, creaminess, and REAL pumpkin (as of 2015) make the PSL a splendid treat. But, I’ve come to realize its more about what it represents than the drink itself. Taking a sip is a luxury that can only be experienced a certain time of year. If we could have a PSL in February, it would just make the whole experience rather lackluster.  

3. Pumpkin Pie

pumpkin pie

It’s a good thing that pumpkin pie is near and dear to my heart, because the flavor is EVERYWHERE. One trip to the grocery store this time of year and you’ll see what I mean—pumpkin pie flavored popcorn, cereal, oatmeal, and even lotion! I’m a huge advocate for all things pumpkin flavored, but my true affection is for the delicious, classic pumpkin pie. The dessert that started it all. In all the craze over the years, some might forget the delicacy of a simple buttery pie crust with a sweet, creamy, and perfectly spiced custardy filling. But not me; this is one dish that will always make its way onto my table during autumn.

I love getting inspiration from all of you. Tell me your top three fall favorites below! 

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Comments 30

  1. Baking anything with sweet potatoes, pumpkin, or pecans. With either of these three baking up something is easy. Fresh ingredients are very important to the taste of all baked goods so every Fall I order about 15 pounds of pecans from that years harvest and freeze them to use. Yummy!

  2. I’m a tea drinker so I’ve never had a PSL. Is there a tea equivalent?

    In southeast Texas Fall seems to arrive much later these days than when I was a child. Then on the first crisp Fall day I would come home from school to a house filled with the yummy aroma of homemade vegetable soup and fresh baked apple pie. If it happened to be on a Friday, the soup would be my mother’s seafood gumbo. I’ve never tasted any better than hers.

    Pumpkin pie in my family is from my husband’s grandmother’s recipe which is now being baked by the 5th generation. It’s different and delicious. And the vegetable soup is now pumpkin soup made from one my Halloween pumpkins (I said Fall arrives later in southeast Texas).

    I love everything about Fall wherever I may be.

  3. Living in a college town, fall always seems to have a sense of excitement. The streets are filled with new students. Here in Hammond, Louisiana, fall also means Fan Fare. It’s an annual event on campus at Southeastern Louisiana University consisting of musical performances, lectures, all sort of cultural events held every October. That’s number one for me. Secondly, I love the fall pilgrimage in Natchez, Ms. Starting this week, the magnificent antebellum homes will be on tour. Can’t wait to see Choctaw Hall again. Finally, in the South fall is festival season. Whether it’s the Loblolly in Laurel, Ms. the Dairy Festival in Tylertown, Ms. or Old Farm Days in Loranger, La, they are all great fun.

  4. I love the colors of fall in the beautiful NC mountains.
    I love attending as many street festivals, craft shows and church bazaars as I can get to nearby.
    I love making soup for our very popular “Soup Night “ on Halloween for extended family and friends.
    Love sweet potatoes and apples and winter squashes but not pumpkin! Add me to the list of never having a PSL!

  5. It’s my favorite season! Time for thanksgiving and treats, spooky times, beautiful fall decor, cooler weather, falling leaves, baking pies and making stock to put away, family and friend times, football, planting bulbs. Oops! That’s more than three!

  6. – Hot cider and donuts
    – Pumpkin Pie topped with whipped cream
    – My hubby and I drive north along the shores of Lake Michigan for our annual color tour and to celebrate our anniversary. This year we will be celebrating 32 years ❤️

  7. My top three to Welcome Fall!
    1. Dressing in my fall wardrobe of many shades of autumn colors….
    2. All desserts and hot drinks laced with cinnamon…
    3. Week-end drives with my husband to enjoy the AWESOME colors of Fall GOD has
    blessed us with which I am so grateful…
    And, You Phyllis and all the other Ribbon Journal Gals….
    Everyone have a blessed autumn and fall!
    California Carmel

  8. There is no season like Fall. The beautiful Autumn leaves and crunch under your feet as you walk among them. The cooler air is a plus,too.

  9. My fall favourites: apple picking, the smell of baked apples, my pumpkin muffins, and pumpkins of all shapes and sizes adorning front porches!

  10. I love pumpkin pie, but I use pumpkin as a side dish. One small can of Libby’s pumpkin, 1/2 cup of sugar,1/2 stick butter, add cinnamon, dash of nutmeg,dash of cloves. Combine in cast iron skillet over medium heat. Great side dish.

  11. Definitely Fall is the best season of all. I live in New England and I love when the nights start to get a bit chilly. The skies are a bright blue. The leaves are changing colors. The wind is blowing just enough to make those leaves flutter to the ground. I love to bake. Pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread, pumpkin donuts (baked), are to die for. I also love to bake anything apple. Going apple picking and making pies, crisps, and breads. Fall is heaven. It gets us ready for the biggest baking season of all!

  12. Goodness, one couldn’t argue with any of the favorites listed!
    Mine would be the beautiful fall riot color as the leaves change and then flutter to the ground; the cool, crisp morning air when it finnally arrives (feel-like of 99° today!) and all the fall fragrances both inside and out. Somehow our woods always has a special feel and fragrance in the fall…

  13. Definitely football, Go Auburn tigers! Changing color of the light,the smell of woodsmoke,the awesome display of fall colors here in Ohio. Going to amish country with my girlfriends,it’s all good!

  14. I love Fall and have decorated my home already.
    I love pumpkin pie and have baked one already,
    I love pumpkin bread and have baked two loaves already.
    I live in Florida and it is so hot so the a/c is on and my home says it is FALL!

  15. I love everything about fall in the mountains of NC since I live in the lowcountry of SC. Picking apples, enjoying the gorgeous leaf colors, antiquing and visiting the flea market early on a Saturday morning. Fall is such a wonderful respite from the heat of summer. I noticed the beautiful pie plate filled with the lovely pumpkin pie. Is it Pie Crust by Stangl? I still have some of that pattern, but I never had the pie plate. Love it, too!

  16. Hard to beat your three, Phyllis- might substitute a crisp fresh mountain apple for the pumpkin pie ( prefer fall sweet potato pie),

  17. I love the quilt of many colors fallen leaves make in my back yard, pumpkin pie, and freshly roasted green chili–a smell that fills the New Mexico air.

  18. I love the cool crisp days of autumn first of all. Not a summer gal.
    I love wearing sweaters and all fall clothing.
    I love sitting in front of the fire and having a hot chocolate.
    I just love Fall!

  19. You are making this extremely hard by limiting it to 3 things! This is my favorite time of the year …. as it is the prelude to Christmas!! For me fall starts with the colors of nature the leaves and flowers (mum, chrysanthemum and dahlias ect…). Food…why limit it to just one or two. Apple crisp, caramel apples, caramel popcorn, pumpkin pie, pumpkin muffins, roasted marshmallows … I could go on forever. And the stillness in the air….taking a nap after reading Southern Lady Magazine covered up with a soft cozy blanket, while a scented candle perfumes the air….. and your cup of tea sitting nearby.

  20. 1. Spending the day with my family in Connecticut apple picking, buying fresh pressed apple cider at the local mill, browsing the small bookstore in the nearby town, and finally selecting our jack-o-lantern pumpkins before we head back home to NYC.
    2. Ginger maple cream sandwich cookies that are only available in Fall at Whole Foods, (they are my PSL since I can’t drink coffee.) They are so yummy with hot mulled apple cider!
    3. Strolling through Central Park when the leaves change colors and begin to fall.

  21. My three fall favorites are the changing colors of leaves, anything with cinnamon and apple, and adding sweaters to my daily wardrobe. I also love the sense of community you’ve referred to, whether it be through church gatherings, family get-togethers or even a school or work event. Food is a great ” people connector.”

  22. Ever hear of a facial pumpkin peel? Oh ,you haven’t lived. Ok, probably one of the few who hasn’t had a pumpkin latte, maybe I haven’t lived. Pumpkin Pie is my first and only experience with edible pumpkin. The recipe all the ladies in my family used was the recipe off the can of Libby’s. That was the standard. Can you believe four aunts could make a Libby’s pumpkin pie and they all tasted delicious and yet a little different? Tonight I think I will make some pumpkin ravioli I have in the freezer. Long live the pumpkin until spring

  23. Love your favorites! Mine?
    1. Apples. Crisp huge honey crisps are my current obsession. Picking apples or driving to our fairly “local” applefarms in the fall to buy their apples, apple butter and home made pies is such a treat.
    2. Family autumn dinner and pumpkin decorating. A “new” tradition I love, we gather for a simple outdoor meal after decorating pumpkins together.
    3. Pumpkin everything. No explanation needed. ( mostly because when it happens, my favorite season is here!)

  24. I love fall at the beach. The crisp clear air and the salty scent of the ocean replaces the heat and humidity of summer. Beautiful displays of mums and pumpkins add to the landscape. Apples from our local orchards, root vegetables at the farmer’s markets, and pumpkins fresh from the fields provide options for fall baking and soup making. Hayrides in the park and a bonfire on the beach are favorite activities before the chill of winter.

  25. This is a difficult choice! Here goes: #1 The beautiful colors, reds, russets, orange, burgundy & acorns! #2 My favorite clothes, flannel, cozy knits, corduroy, wool and anything plaid! #3 Most anything made with apples and pumpkins. I have to say, all of the above when enjoyed in crisp fresh air.

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