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Our Top Three Posts From 2016

Phyllis Décor 6 Comments

I can’t believe another year has flown by! Now that I’ve taken a moment to slow down and reflect on 2016, I am amazed at all of the wonderful projects and blessings that took place. I know I cant say it often enough, but I’m truly thankful for every reader and every life the Hoffman Media staff influences with our publications. I especially enjoy sharing my likes and thoughts with you all here on The Ribbon In My Journal! Today I wanted to share with you three of yours (and my!) favorite posts from 2016. From remembering to practice acts of gratitude each day, to my obsession with traveling to Williamsburg and cozy southern style inspirations from Southern Lady Magazine, we have covered it all!


1. 10 Ways to Practice Gratitude

Practicing gratitude in our daily lives is one of the best ways to create a joyful existence. Think about it. When you’re feeling appreciative of the people, places, and things in your life, there is a great sense of contentment and little room for negativity. We can all be more gracious in our day-to-day lives…

Seasons of Williamsburg - Ribbon In My Journal

2. Seasons of Williamsburg

Those of you who know me totally understand my obsession with Williamsburg. I love the city in all seasons, and I have written about my experiences there many times. Strolling down Duke of Glouster Street and observing the beautiful gardens inspires creativity…

A Cozy Tennessee Farmhouse - The Ribbon In My Journal

3. A Cozy Tennessee Farmhouse

I wanted to share with you this beautiful farmhouse that is featured in our latest Southern Lady Classics issue, Southern Style. I hope it will inspire you to pursue a home full of life and style! And if you’re a fan of the Southern Lady Classics collection, you’re in luck…

Did your favorite post make it on to the list?

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  1. Well, I received a nice surprise and treat on a recent after-Christmas shopping trip in Denver, CO with my new daughter-in-law. We stopped by the Cherry Creek shopping mall, and during the tour of lots of shops, I realized I was seeing a vendor name so familiar from absorbing issues of Tea Time: it was Capital Teas! The helpful staff informed me it was the first one this far west. Of course, I definitely made a purchase. Kudos to Capital Teas on their new adventure!

  2. Happy New Year Phyllis and Staff at Hoffman Media ! We are all so very grateful for you and your wonderful publications!

    You indeed have so much influence on us as you give us so much inspiration, beauty, and tranquility in an otherwise very demanding, and sometimes crazy, life!

    I look forward to another wonderful year of your magazines, and emails which really make my day!

    Thank you and God bless you all at HM !

    Brandon Hartford
    Te Deum Cottage

    1. Hi Phyllis, I have every issue of Southern Lady magazine. I attended all but the first Southern Lady Lady conventions and enjoyed each one. They were such wonderful events: the speakers, accommodations, gifts,the food, but most of all the kindred spirit of all the attendees. I will never forget the welcome you extended to us and caused us to feel we were close friends and you desired our company. Through the years the authors, decorators, designers, artists, actors, and news commentators we met at these gracious gatherings are in the “journal” of my memories. Often I look back at pictures of the S.L. conventions and place my own” ribbon” to return another day. I met two ladies, sisters from Alabama, and we have remained friends through the years. Is there a possibility there could be a Southern Lady Reunion ? Just a thought and a wish to rekindle the enjoyment of the past. Thank you for the joy, the beauty, and the love of all things southern and gracious.

  3. Happy 2017 yo you Phyllis and the whole Hoffman media group!!

    Your pictures and articles, along with this enlightening and lovely “Ribbon” make my day!

    God home and Country….

    Wonderful. Thanks again and please know how much I appreciate your beautiful work.

    May 2017 bring all many Blessings.

  4. There are no better magazines than yours. I also love The Ribbon in My Journal. Keep up all the good work all of you are doing there. Happy New Year.

  5. Thanks for publishing such wholesome magazines with an emphasis on beauty, family, God and country. I am a grateful reader.

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