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What I Love About Autumn in the South

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There is nothing like autumn in the South. As soon as I spot the first yellow leaf, I rejoice openly, jubilantly, and hysterically—almost bordering on crazy. I love autumn for its fabulous colors and fragrances, not to mention the promise of cooler temperatures.

Growing up, autumn meant going to college football games with mom and dad. I will not disclose the team so as not to alienate many of you. Let’s simply say crimson and white were the colors of the day.

Mom made sure that we were dressed up for the game, complete with hose, high heels, and the appropriate accessories. I will never forget getting dressed to the nines, sitting in the stadium, and absolutely dying as the temperature would soar into the 90°s at kickoff time. It was especially bad on the days when we were dressed for a cooler day. But we did our mama proud, and that was all that mattered.

This past weekend I watched several Southern teams play football. I almost laughed out loud when I observed college kids sitting in the same seats we once occupied, with their bodies, face, and hair painted in their team colors. When it started raining and the colorful paint began running down their faces, I sat amazed at how things have changed. But they were having fun and enjoying the moment.

Autumn in the south—there is nothing like it! We have many magazine issues that specifically celebrate fall. Our creative teams shine when the fall issues are being planned. From the savory foods to pumpkin decorations, we all get into the spirit. I hope you have a wonderful autumn season and enjoy the beautiful days.

What is your favorite thing about fall?

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  1. Loved this issue! I am especially fond of the section featuring Sewanee, The University of the South! My son graduated from there this past Spring and already I miss the beautiful scenery. While the ride was long, it was such a treat to drive up the mountain and watch him play football on cool Saturdays with bright foliage all around us. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Fall has it own fragrance that if bottled we would all opt to wear it. Just had my fall birthday and enjoyed tHigh Tea with a dear son. Happy Fall ya’ll says it all. After marriage I moved away from the South but when going back to visit my parents I always chose late Sept and into October. Football has it own special memories as my brother played on our high school team and of course we all wear the very large mums to the games with the school colors.

  3. Love the autumn like no other season! Love the colors, adore the cool weather, especially after a Texas summer. When I was a kid, because of school starting, I always thought of fall as a time for new beginnings. Still do!

  4. As Mother of two daughters – one a cheerleader and one on the flag line in high school as well as UGA, along with a big Bulldog fan husband and UGA graduate, fall is a big season for our family. And, yes, before planning the oldest daughter’s wedding, I called the UGA Athletic Office to find an open date! On the way to the games, we pass through beautiful countryside and love to view the changing leaves. It really is a wonderful time of year.

  5. I never realized how big SEC football was until we move to the South. It is no joke when they say they plan weddings around football season! Being in Alabama, we are a house divided. Roll Tide & War Eagle!

  6. From the Pacific Northwest
    I have always loved fall best. We live in eastern WA right on the Idaho border. We have all four seasons and fall is the best. I love the smell of leaves burning, the colors and many fall blooms are my favorites. I am married to a former college and professional football player and so football season is big in our house. We live in a college town so the fall is more life New Year’s to us.

  7. October is my absolute favorite month! Our favorite time of day is early morning when my husband and I share our coffee on the patio. Although it’s still warm during the day in Louisiana, we have donned our warm bathrobes the last few mornings. What a treat to enjoy the fresh crisp air and watch geese flying overhead! There is a sense of expectancy in the Fall atmosphere.

  8. May and October are magical months for me as a gardener. The colors and fragrances of October especially with Apples and cider and peanuts boiling and trips to the mountains with the hardwood trees wearing coats of purple, red, orange and gold are beyond description. The crisp air brings welcome fires at night and soups and stews and Apple pies. And the colors of Nature are all free to enjoy !

  9. I was born in the fall and that made it even more special to me. My best friend, who lived right next door, and I would spend a lot of time making decorations and costumes for the Halloween activities. We would take gorgeous Maple leaves and dip them in paraffin so as to preserve them. These leaves went into table decorations mostly. Some of the small ones encircled a birthday cake, giving it a festive air. Back before there was a lot of power tools for carpenters, they used hand planes for instance to even up the wood surfaces. Kathy and I, little opportunists that we were, would go collect the long wood “curls” left behind and fashion wigs with them. We used the wigs as part of our Halloween costumes. No self-respecting kid would ever buy a costume! What would be the fun in that? During a rainy day we would go outside and splash around in the puddles. Afterwards, we’d go in to hot chocolate and warm cookies. Pure kid joy! Yes, Autumn is the best.

  10. Since we recently retired to El Dorado County we discovered Apple Hill in Placerville and this fall we have drove up there 3 times for their famous apple donuts and coffee. Apple orchards and vineyards in abundance very autumn with the historic town of Placerville with plenty of shops, eateries and unique business to visit, and the home of famous painter Thomas Kinkade. Seems like the brisk air just arrived and I can wear my 49er sweatshirt with pride! All this in just 20 minutes. Life is good too here in Northern Calif. No matter where we are from we can all celebrate fall/autumn and cherish the changing of the season.
    Happy Pumpkin Days Phyllis! Carmel

  11. Phyllis:
    I laugh at the fact that we bought new fall/winter outfits and high heels for a college game and were simply miserable in the heat. I love that we did dress up instead of down-full of wonderful memories. Bob and I now enjoy them on TV with a SC Cocky mascot and NC Tarhill mascot sitting on the coffee table.

    Fall, oh, the images it brings. Corn husks, pumpkins, gourds,sunflowers, and hay being bailed. All this was grown on my parents farm. For our Sunday school class my Dad would fill the big wagon full of hay and pulled it with his tractor. We all piled in the wagon for a late fall ride and back home to my house for mother’s homemade cookies, hot Apple cider and hot chocolate. How in the world does it get any better than that if you are a child. They are both in Heaven and have left me with rich memories. Praise be to God that because of Godly parents we have such a rich heritage.

  12. Thanks for sharing your warm memories with us Phyllis. Autumn was always lovingly referred to as “Football Season” in our house. With a son who played in high school and college and a grandson who played as well, we spent many evenings in a football stadium. Getting to know the families we always sat with and sharing treats from home with them has left me with fond memories, indeed. ~Cheryl T.

  13. Autumn is my favorite season too. Many people say summer is the “slow down” season. With gardening, taking care of flowers, and guests who come to visit, it seems to be a busy time for us. So, it’s fall that meanders in with it’s picturesque views, crisp mornings, and beautiful sunsets that makes us slow down, unwind, and enjoy the gorgeousness of October. I’m in love!!

  14. I am right there with you! I moved to a college town in the south in 1977 and still call it home. The fall colors should be peaking here Oct 16th in the mountains and three or four days later here in the valley. It’s beautiful! And pumpkins galore every were you turn nestled in mums and kale with gourds as there companions….love it. Our colors of the day are ” orange and white”!

  15. A fellow Autumn girl, I too rejoice when cooler temperatures arrive. There is nothing like fall, is there? Love your memories of “dressed up” football games. Xo from a fellow hysterical fall lover.

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