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Styling a home is always a fun experience. Choosing furniture and pieces that complement each other takes time and careful selection, but boy, when it’s all said and done, you have the most beautiful place to call home.

Everyone has a slightly different interior design style, and ultimately, whatever look you choose, you want to feel comfortable, because, of course, you’re the one who’s living there! Paula Deen Home Furniture Collection has multiple styles to suit everyone’s needs.

Patterned fabrics, neutrals, warm shades, and cool hues—Paula’s got it all! Leave it to Paula to create something fabulous.

One of my favorite memories of working with Paula is the exciting time when she launched her furniture line at Universal Furniture. I ordered lots of pieces from her collection that I still enjoy today.

Paula’s furniture is a reflection of her style and her love of interior design, which is translated beautifully in her collection. But her design inspiration comes from her love of family as well.  Because she loves to entertain family in her home, many of her pieces were designed with them in mind. During one of our photoshoots, Neal and I enjoyed staying in her guest cottage. It was furnished with fabulous pieces from her collection that were absolutely stunning—and comfortable, too!

Beautiful tables, sofas, bedroom suits, and big comfy chairs galore. Produced in a variety of finishes, styles, fabrics, and colors, it’s not hard to find something you like.

Universal Furniture is offering a Paula Deen Home Furniture Giveway worth up to $10,000 in bedroom, living room, or outdoor furniture. Now, that’s a deal, if I do say so myself!

Need a new look for your home or patio? This is the perfect opportunity for a home furniture makeover! I do love the sound of that, don’t you? All you need to do is enter your name, email address, and zip code, and you could be one of three lucky winners who will be chosen this Friday, Sept. 1!

Don’t miss your chance to win gorgeous, Southern interior must-haves designed by the one and only Paula Deen. I promise, her collection won’t disappoint, and after all, why wouldn’t you want to take advantage of an opportunity to win home design goodies for free?

Paula Deen Labor Day Sale

Additionally, Paula Deen Home will have a Labor Day sale during which you can save up to 15 percent on pieces in her home furniture collection. So, even if you don’t win the giveaway, there’s plenty of opportunity to purchase these beautiful pieces for your home. I feel some luck headed your way, so don’t delay, and enter to win. Contest ends Thursday, Aug. 31. 

What is your design inspiration?

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Comments 96

  1. I have for years wanting to own a bedroom set of Paula Dean, but could not afford one.

    I spent the past week looking for a deal on her bedroom set. Her furniture is unique , beautiful and classy.

    I have not found a designer I like more than Paula Deen’s collections. My favorite is Savannah, Steel Magnolia and last Dagwood. To have one of the mentioned collections would complete my bedroom.

    I can’t get her collections out of my head. It may sound crazy, but to me, it is unbeatable.

    Obviously, I am a fan of her furniture and would be honored to own one of her collections

  2. They showed the inside of Paula’s house on the fox news show one morning when Janice Dean was there doing the weather and I loved it. Her furniture was beautiful, I would love to have her furniture (and her house).

  3. I would very much love to win this wonderful give away. Paula is so very talented. Please enter me in the drawing.

  4. I love everything about Paula and have always followed her gorgeous style and furniture line from early on. Everyone would love to win this exceptional giveaway but I have to agree with “Alice” and “Jeannie In Texas” about all the families who have lost everything in the recent floods. I’d love to see this wonderful giveaway divided among a few well deserving families with children who have lost so much.

  5. Oh gosh! Who does not love Paula Deen! I would love to redo the house in style. Purchased recently Paula Deen bedding ensemble and it is wonderful to touch… have no doubt this will be fantastic to. Thank you for the opportunity!

  6. A gal can never have too much butter or Paula’s elegant traditional furniture. I have a large family room that calls for her touch! Also a big fan for years of sons Bobby and Jimmy I collect all their books and subscribe to Paula’s magazine…Please enter me in the contest!
    California Carmel

  7. Oh how I love Paula Dean, she has wonderful style. We sure could use some new furniture our living room is in a great need of a make over. Thank you so much for the opportunity .

  8. I purchased an ottoman from Paula’s collection with the most beautiful lavender colors, it fits the room perfectly! Thank you for the opportunity to win, our living room sure could use a makeover!

  9. Wow, the furniture line is so beautiful! But, then again everything about Paula Deen is too. My husband has been so ill for the last 2 years now and that has taken it’s place before new furniture. It would be a blessing to win and replace my old, worn out thin, and in need of replacing furniture. I love the blue and the coast look. Thanks for the opportunity.

  10. After having a play room for my grandchildren, it has come to the time when they have outgrown it. The room is empty. I would be thrilled to win Paula’s amazing furniture, it is just beautiful! I miss seeing her on TV, I always found her to be the most sincere and genuine person.

  11. You always brighten my day!
    What a nice opportunity you have
    given to us. Paula’s beautiful furniture is as lovely as she is. God bless you
    I would love to win. My zip code is
    11040. The rest of the info is below.
    Many thanks.

  12. I love Paula’s style and have always thought her home was beautiful. My zip is 89130. Thanks for the chance to win.

  13. We will be in that area of Tenn wher her restaurant is and plan to have lunch at Paula’s. Son and daughter accompany me as a memory of our wedding day 65 years ago.

    Blessings to the winner and to Paula’s kindness. Sylvia Faye

  14. My husband of 58 years and I, just moved into a lovely senior apartment. This furniture is so pretty! Winning this would be such a blessing. Thank you Paula. and thank you Phylis for all of your comforting words.

  15. I love her furniture!
    And…. I own every issue of Victoria ever published. I bless you every month when I receive it for having revived the best magazine ever!

    Ana María

  16. What a wonderful opportunity! I’d love to win. Time for a home makeover since my furniture was last purchased in 1994!

  17. Everything Paula does is done with love! It shows in her family, her cooking, and now in the beautiful furniture she has designed for our homes!!!

  18. Love Paula’s furniture . It is just what I need to redesign a beautiful room. Thank you for giving all of us a chance to win.

  19. Could really use new furniture! I really enjoy your articles on this website. It’s a time to slow down and relax and be reminded of some of the things in life that REALLY are important.

  20. Absolutely beautiful furniture as beautiful as the designer. Would love to win as it’s gorgeous

    Thank you for the wonderful opportunity.

  21. Paula, you know I really need new furniture for my living room, PLEASE!!! We made some of these feral cats indoor kitties and lo and behold found out after the fact that they had been using the back of my sofa and chair as a scratching post, omgoodness!!! We had several scratching posts for them but no, apparently they like the feel of my furniture much better. Thank goodness they are grown now and they do use the scratching posts instead. We have just started looking for replacement furniture as we wanted to make sure that this would never happen again.

  22. I own a bedroom suite by Paula. I have loved and enjoyed it since the day it was delivered. It was a dream come true. I have dreamed of owning living room furniture by Paula. Maybe this is my chance! Fingers crossed!

  23. Mrs. Paula,
    This is such a delightful way to share your beautiful furniture with someone.
    Thank you for providing this opportunity.

  24. Thank you Phylllis for this wonderful contest! Paula’s furniture is truly wonderful as it is based on antiques. Love the ottoman and spindles on different pieces! Sending prayers to the people affected in Texas by this “Noah’s Ark” event~ OMG :{

  25. As much as I would love to have it in my house, I would donate it to one of the thousands of families who have lost everything in Houston. May God Bless all who are suffering and give them peace and rest for their weary souls.

  26. Paula’s furniture is beautiful. This is a great giveaway and would look wonderful in my home. Thanks for allowing me to enter.

  27. Who wouldn’t love to win this furniture?!
    I am blessed beyond measure. I have my health, a home and I am surrounded by loving family and friends.
    I am so saddened to see the devastation in Texas and pray for all those families who have lost everything. I can’t imagine how you even begin to pick up the pieces and start over.
    I’m not trying to be holier than Thou but please consider giving this wonderful prize to someone who is in dire need.

  28. I absolutely love Paula Deen’s color choices. They are so inviting and comforting.
    This is a beautiful room.

  29. Love Paula Deen’s furniture line and have always loved the furnishings in her home in Savannah….I had the great privilege of hearing her speak at the High Point Market and then later meeting her hubby while he was antiquing in High Point. He was so sweet!….Thanks for letting us know about the giveaway and the CJ issue on Vintage Cottage looks amazing…gorgeous cover!

  30. Hi! Lovely furniture Giveaway!! I would love to enter , and there is no info as to HOW to enter?– If this counts as an entry- I hope I win! Thank you

    1. Go back up to the paragraph that says ” Universal Furniture is offering a Paula Deen Home Furniture Giveaway” which is highlighted in light tan color. Click on to that phrase and you will be taken to a page to enter your name, address, etc. You can’t miss it!!! Sharon

  31. Aren’t we lucky to have Paula Deen, such a great southern lady. So proud of all she has accomplished, just love her line of furniture as well as all her cookbooks. Watched her shows all the time when she was still on, miss it so much.

  32. I have been searching for this shade and love the style. Would go great in my very comfortable sunroom! Love it!

  33. I enjoy your cooking show and your magazine, keep up the good work, and may God Bless you and your love ones.

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