Garden in Williamsburg, VA

A Favorite Destination: Williamsburg, Virginia

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Many of you know that I am totally consumed with Williamsburg, Virginia, and the historical events that occurred there during the 1700s. When I walk down the streets of Colonial Williamsburg and see the character reenactments, knowing this is far better than it was then, I wonder just how they survived during those times. I love the glamorized version in …

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Our Annual Summer Sale is Here!

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Hello, friends! One of the things I treasure most about our various brands is that they motivate our team and our readers to enrich the way they love and serve those around them. Whether through baking a cake, creating a handmade project, or finding inspiration for your home, that is what it’s all about! So, naturally, we can’t help but …

Grilled fish

Say Hello to Cook: Real Food Every Day

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I love to get in my kitchen and cook scrumptious meals for my family. I can do a special occasion with the best of them. But just as important as those special occasion dishes are, everyday meals rank equally as high on my list.  Everyday meal creation at our house has to be easy to make with wholesome ingredients that …

Birthday cake with rainbow sprinkles.

Let’s Party!

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I love a good birthday celebration. My mom always made birthdays special. She is a good “birthdayer”! We got to pick out our favorite dish for supper and our cake!  This past weekend we celebrated our grandson’s 10th birthday. I watched this special young man play baseball and have fun with friends. All grandmothers think this way, but he grows …

Weed or Flower?

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I finally have in captivity a Queen Anne’s lace plant! I have been trying for years to get one to grow in my flower garden. I think it is one of the loveliest plants that grows in the South. It is just like looking at an intricate lace! It is used now in many wedding bouquets and arrangements and is …

Happy Mother’s Day

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In my opinion, every day is Mother’s Day! Once you become a mother, there is not a day that goes by that you are not constantly thinking about your children and grandchildren. This is my 37th Mother’s Day and I remember the first one like it was yesterday. My twins were born two weeks before Mother’s Day and after a …

Now Gracing the Pages of Victoria Magazine: Victoria Vignettes

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Our wonderful Victoria magazine has an exciting new section gracing its pages and its website! All upcoming issues will feature a new Victoria Vignette, sponsored by Kensington Publishing, that will appear within the pages of the magazine along with an additional two to three vignettes that will be posted on the Victoria website. From best-selling and acclaimed novelists, the sponsored vignettes will …