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Turn About is Fair Play

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Well, I see my dear Sister took over the blog while I was out of town. And so many of you loved her responses! I thought it was great. When she picked us up at the airport, we went by to see the progress on the house. Wow! The talented workmen had really accomplished a lot while we were gone.

When they saw Sister, they each grinned from ear to ear. When I looked at her, she let me know that she had been bribing them to work faster while we were gone. She was hoping the house would be finished! But alas, no, and we moved right back in to our place at Sister’s.

I loved her blogs and as I read them, I thought about how many times we all wished we had rebutted in a conversation, but didn’t. Why don’t we really share our thoughts? Why do we rethink moments and play in our minds comments we wished we had made? Curious, isn’t it? Sometimes we just don’t know people well enough to openly give our thoughts without fear of rejection. Many people are just too shy to differ in opinions for fear of a conflict. There are times I don’t want people to really know what I am thinking, and I just observe the conversation.

Sister and I will be sharing more on the blog as the weeks go by. It is fun to have her giving her “side” to the story! When we were kids we always practiced singing Irving Berlin’s song “Sisters” from the movie White Christmas. Now, if we could only find those fans!

Do you think a rebuttal is fair play?

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  1. I love the “Sisters” in White Christmas…..every once in a while it’ll pop out of my mouth. Love the movie!
    I have been blessed with 2 great sisters, we get together at least once a week for a couple of hours, try to catch up on life in general. Texting also helps us stay in touch. I’d be lost without them.

  2. I am very blessed …
    I have 3 sisters and talking on the phone
    or seeing them in person it is the same…
    we chat just like we saw each other yesterday…
    even though we live in different parts of the country…

  3. Long blog friend and admirer. I have two cousins that are like sisters to me… I believe we share that feeling as we all have brothers. That has always kept us close. I can’t imagine how my life would have been without them. I do love them so and am so grateful for them.

  4. andrea….we have grown them in Minnesota with no problems. just keep the weeds at bay because they grow sort of viney and can make it challenging if weeds creep in. i heavily mulch and use preem.

  5. You are so blessed to have a sister. I hope you will post some of your decorating ideas when you move into your new home. I’m sure it will be beautiful.

  6. andrea

    it might be scabiosa …but a closeup. also called pin cushion i think.

    i have found when i leave questions i dont receive responses.
    you might also want to take this post (assuming you have on phone or ipad) to your local greenhouse. they could give you all the details.

    hope this helps.

  7. Phyllis, I was hoping you would mention the name of the flower you have featured in beginning of this blog. I showed my aunt the flower and she didn’t know the flower either. If possible could you share. Thanks –

    1. Andrea, June is correct. The flower is a scabiosa (pin cushion in common name). Some times you can find them in white or pink also. They are a perennial, however all I have ever planted tended to be short lived!

  8. I don’t have a blood sister but my dear friend told me one day, “Since my sister died you are now my sister!”, I was thrilled as the only sisters I ever had were the ones my brother married (and divorced,4) and those of my ex-husband that I lost upon our divorce. I know Rosemarie will be my sister ” till death do us part”!

  9. My sister and I are 14 years apart. Obviously I don’t remember her ever living at home while I was growing up. We were not close in early years but by the time I was married and having children that certainly changed. The bond between us is so strong now, I am very thankful for the blessing of a sister. She is 86 and going strong – needless to say I love her very much.

  10. My sister Susie and I have carried on the White Christmas tradition almost every year. Our favorite part is the “Sisters” act. So many times during the year, we will send each other little notes or just burst out singing to each other. Love my sister and I am beyond blessed. Think I’ll send her a message right now….LOL

  11. Welcome back Phyllis and hats off to Sister who bribed and held down the forts so well! I think you’re brave to ask for rebuttals but different takes are always interesting if done respectfully. Your blogs are heartwarming, funny and for me provide a great inside glimpse of everything so beautifully southern! As a transplanted New Yorker with a mother who did everything wonderfully but cook, I see how deprived I’ve been in growing up without such a heritage! I’m learning so much from you and from the bottom of my heart, I can’t thank you enough for all your incredible publications as well as this endearing blog…rebuttals and all!
    Many Thanks!!!

  12. My younger sister came for a short visit last week, all the way from Tennessee. It has become a yearly trip for her. We call it her R & R to Washington. She is 15 years younger than me. Once again I was reminded how blessed I am to call her not only my sister but most of all my friend. I am blessed!!!!

  13. My twin sister and I used to sing this song too.We went to the movie the day after Thanksgiving when the movie was first released.It is still one of my favorite.

    1. Lydia, I also send prayers your way…for your sister and you. I have three younger sisters and cannot imagine losing any of them. God be with you. Sharon

  14. There is nothing like having a priceless relationship with a beloved sister. We loved hearing from yours. It’s good to see you back!

  15. My Sister and I have always gotten along. That doesn’t mean we always agreed. But we seem to share so many of the same ideas.God has given us a perfect gift and life is too short to waste it!

  16. If y’all want an interesting Blog, you should have “dear brother” add his perspective growing up together! Ha! Great stuff!

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