"sisters" musical number from White Christmas the movie.

Guess Which Christmas Movie This Photo is From!

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I am often asked what my favorite Christmas movie is, and I have one response that always rings true: White Christmas! White Christmas is the most wonderful movie, full of dreams, conflict, and the resolution of a beautiful Christmas. But the real moment of truth is the musical number “Sisters”! Oh my, those wonderful dresses and feather fans just make …

Turn About is Fair Play - The Ribbon In My Journal

Turn About is Fair Play

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Well, I see my dear Sister took over the blog while I was out of town. And so many of you loved her responses! I thought it was great. When she picked us up at the airport, we went by to see the progress on the house. Wow! The talented workmen had really accomplished a lot while we were gone. …

My Favorite Christmas Movies - The Ribbon in My Journal

My Favorite Christmas Movies

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Christmas is just a few days away. Excitement is growing among our children and grandchildren, isn’t it? I truly love the holidays but not because of the hustle and bustle but for the quiet times by the tree with lights twinkling. The truth is—I love Christmas movies! I have taped every one of the movies I can find, and when …