Fire Up Your Grill for Labor Day

Fire Up Your Grill for Labor Day

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For me, Labor Day signals the start of fall. Now I know the official date for the first day of fall is not Labor Day, but here in the South, Labor Day has always been the day all things change. Yes, I am talking real change.

First of all, no self-respecting Southern girl would ever wear her white shoes after Labor Day. Why? Because Mom said so, and her mother before that, and her mother before that. No questions. It was just something no one ever did since it was the rule. Also returning to the closet, white pants.

Second, Labor Day was the last day of freedom before the official school year started. The next day, we donned our dark-colored cotton dresses and dark-colored shoes. We were back in the saddle so to speak. Everything changed. Bed times were earlier, and homework was the order of the day.

Today, Labor Day is a wonderful time. It’s celebrated by a long weekend break from work and time with family. I think of barbecue, yummy potato salad, and some fabulous homemade ice cream from the churning freezer. It’s a special tribute to the working people of our country who have made and make our country strong. 

I hope you have a fabulous time with your family and make some delicious dishes to share. We will be cooking a steak, and I want to share with you my Dad’s recipe for steak marinade. He has been using this recipe since I was old enough to eat it. Choose your favorite cut of steak, and prepare it.

Fire Up Your Grill for Labor Day


Phyllis' Steak Marinade
  • Wine or balsamic vinegar
  • Worcestershire sauce
  • Soy sauce
  • Lawry’s Seasoned Salt
  • Lawry’s Seasoned Pepper
  • Garlic Powder
  1. Sprinkle the liquids one at a time on your steak in the order listed and rub into your steak. It should cover the steak generously.
  2. Next, apply seasoned salt, seasoned pepper, and garlic powder. Flip the steak over and repeat.
  3. You can marinate for any time but usually, I don’t exceed one hour.
  4. Grill and enjoy!

What’s your favorite grilling recipe?

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  1. Thank you for including the picture of your Father at the grill. You are blessed to have him still and he is blessed to have you to love him so and include him in you “Ribbon”.

    The new Barbecue & Grilling book will be perfect Christmas gift, especially for friends and relatives who live in areas where people think barbecuing is putting something on a Hibachi to cook.
    The real barbecuing process takes hours, and for some, days. It takes a truly Southern frame of mind. The really good food isn’t fast. It takes loving time. Tell your Father that I send him a hug and blessings on Labor Day.

  2. Dear Phyllis,
    Such a lovely and memorable tradition . Seeing your Dad at the grill is heartwarming . What a blessing that he is able to be your “master chef” on Labor Day ! Let him know that many of us will be thinking of him as we prepare his special steak marinade and light our grills !
    I adore the photo … is that a “Revere Ware” saucepan ? I had a flashback when I saw the saucepan – my sweet Mom had an entire set of “Revere Ware” many years ago . Thank you for helping me to recall such a warm,loving memory !

  3. Love seeing pictures of your family – having your parents is a true blessing. Your Dad is a darling, I’m certain.

    I agree with Mary, and Lidy@French Garden House. Classic styles never grow old.

    Love your blog, Phyllis.

  4. Thank you Phyllis for your wonderful family recipe!!

    And, Sharon, we were with family and friends visiting in Nebraska for the eclipse. It was overcast and all were disappointed when, thank God and a real miracle, the sky opened above us and there it was!!! We saw it in the area of totality!!
    As my grandson said, we shared a “moment in history”.

  5. Thank you for the steak marinade recipe, it looks easy and if you love it, I’m definitely going to try it this labor day. You’re family is blessed with your Dad in many ways…loved seeing him in action!

    I’m okay with winter white, and here in California I might still wear white pants if matched to a black shirt and shoes into the end of September. But there is a comfort to classic, elegant styling {I agree with Mary!} and traditions that come back year after year.

  6. Your Dad looks like a very sweet man and he has real style. I guarantee something good is coming from that grill. I only get out that ice cream churn once a will be Labor Day and homemade peach ice cream. I am so grateful for the kind of parents I had. I miss them so. Thank God for this kind of heritage…money cannot buy it.

  7. Give your dad an extra hug and kiss. You are lucky to have him.
    As for white, I really love a winter white outfit. Granted, the white is less fluffy-summer-cloud white and more of a cream or ecru. But never say never.

  8. My apologies if I’ve ranted about this before; so many stylists and so-called fashion bloggers say that the old rules don’t apply anymore and it’s perfectly okay to wear white any time of the year. I think this might be either a rebellious ‘I can do anything I want’ attitude or some cop out as they’re worried about offending someone. I’m okay with a bit of winter white around Christmas and New Year’s but that’s it.
    In a culture where trendy fashion is completely out of control, did you seen the truly ugly clothes in the Nordstrom Anniversary sale catalog, it’s comforting for me to adhere to some tried and true fashion rules.

  9. Phyllis, your Dad looks like a sweet, kind man. Some traditions almost never change and that is a good thing. Mainly, schools here start in mid-August, but we enjoy the long weekend! For those of you who were unable to view the total eclipse yesterday, it was fantastic!!! I am fortunate to live directly in the path of it and had 2 minutes, 37 seconds of the maximum 2 minutes, 40 seconds of totality. My three sisters and a few other family members gathered in my backyard and were blessed to see the entire event occur.

  10. Bless your Dad’s sweet heart. I loving seeing this picture.
    Your parents are two of my favorite people.
    I pray your Dad will be able to do the grilling this Labor Day.

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