2014 Recap and Hope For the New Year

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Thank you for making 2014 so special. I started this blog with the hope of inspiring others daily, but it’s truly been you who has inspired me. As I look back over the top posts of 2014, I know the coming year has even more great things in store.

10. My Favorite Pecan Pie Recipe


9. An Ode to Miss Jo and Her Whipping Cream Pound Cake

8. A Passion for Blue and White

7. Meet Antique Dealer Lidy from FrenchGardenHouse


6. Getting Ready for the Holidays with The Enchanted Home


5. A Visit with Christen Bensten, Blue Egg Brown Nest

Blue Egg Brown Nest Feature

4. A Visit with Tina, The Enchanted Home

Enchanted Home Blue White 1

3. Paula Deen Exclusive Video – Part 2

2. Final Video Interview with Paula Deen

1. An Exclusive One-on-One Interview with Paula Deen


What do YOU want to see on RIMJ this year? More innovative businesswomen? More short videos? Let me know in the comments!



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  1. I love The Ribbon in My Journal and reading Southern Lady and Victoria magazines as well. Phyllis’ kitchen in her cooking demonstrations is so beautiful. Is the counter top granite, and if so, can you tell me the name of the granite ?

  2. Thank you for RIMJ. I look forward to it as well as Victoria. I especially like tablescapes and theme event how too’s. I still enjoy listening to your “Evening in May.” A look at what Jan Karon is up too and how she is doing would be wonderful. I still have the 1998 Victoria’s that introduced her as the writer that year.
    Just thanks for all your inspiration in some many ways!

  3. I love your format of a journal and look forward to reading it no matter what other messages are posted! I was so fond of your Southern Lady Celebration weekends. I remember my eyes filled with tears from laughing so hard with Jeanne Robertson”s monologue. It came at a time when I was mourning the loss of my mother and the whole weekend was filled with nothing but shear joy and uplifting. I was also introduced to Mary Kay Andrews’ books and can’t wait for the next one. Thank you for opening up to me the talents of all you have discovered and I continue to enjoy!

  4. Dear Phyllis,
    I always look forward to RIMJ. Thought you had a wonderful balance of subjects and I am thrilled to know that there are so many others that still enjoy not only your beautiful publications, but the subjects on your blog. Thank you and a very blessed new year to you.

  5. Love your spontaneity! Would love to see gardens and flower arrangements incorporated in your posts. You are so genuine!

  6. I enjoy your blog, The Ribbon in My Journal! It is a delight to see your Southerness in your recipes, interviews, lifestyle, crafts, & décor. I appreciate the variety of topics and I look forward to receiving your emails! You are very talented & creative, so keep sharing your ideas & tips with your fans. I look forward to another great year with RIMJ!

  7. I have enjoyed all of your posts in the RIMJ, specially those that include memories. Thank you for sharing these precious moments. and the pictures are simply beautiful.

  8. Oh how I love RIMJ. Please publish all of these in a book. I also would like to see more articles about Flower Arranging. The older issues of Victoria had so many beautiful full page pictures of flowers & I miss those & also pretty seasonal pictures of trees & leaves & etc. I miss those a lot. More comments from your readers too. I’d also love to see more craftsmen featured, especially so those who make those small desktop calendars. I love those. Also pretty stationery too.
    Have a good new year Phyllis. Thanks for all your wonderful magazines & books.

  9. Like everyone else, I love RIMJ. It’s like a good social….filled with warmth, bright colors, happy people…oh and food! Thank you for such a sweet blog.

  10. Since my own writing is more about observations — the blue jays dive-bombing a hawk, the pale sun shining through a sifting of snowfall or the barns once full of hay; now empty —- your blog is more of an inspiration to DO things as well as watch them. So do keep on telling us whatever comes to your mind — and accompanying your words with such great photos.

  11. Not sure that I can add much to what has been said so well by all of the ladies, but for me there are several themes that separate your blog from so many others. First, your wonderful stories. Although I did not share your childhood, I love a good story, and you have some great ones (see the pound cake story). Next, your love of the unusual and beautiful. Great photography BTW. Then there is your faith, which shines through even when you do not mention it specifically. What would I love to see? More about books, music, recipes (especially old ones from Mom and Grandma’s time), more about crafts and the people who are doing them, especially embroidery. Perhaps more about collections, since it is always fascinating to see how others have displayed their special objects. I guess the nicest thing about your blog is that it keeps me going in between issues of Victoria magazine. For me, one of the saddest times was when Victoria went out of publication for a while. Victoria is one of those little luxuries that contributes so much to the quality of life, as does your RIMJ. Thank you for all you do.

  12. I enjoy the RIMJ blog and all of the Hoffman media publications. I enjoy flowers, gardening, antiques, travel, but my absolute passion is anything tea related and most of all, tablescapes. I love china, vintage sterling, glassware, table linens, and food gets in there also. I appreciate good manners, hand written notes and letters, needlework, and the efforts of anyone that promotes the genteel way of life that so very much needs to be preserved. Thank you for all you do for us.

  13. Glad to hear your feeling better Phyllis. I personally have a passion for paper goods such as beautiful stationary with matching envelopes. I also have sealing wax with stamps to seal my very special letters. This perhaps could be an interesting subject to research and talk about. There is nothing more special than receiving a personal thank you note on stationary in pretty cursive handwriting. You have hit a soft spot many times in my heart on the blogs you’ve written about since this blog has begun. Thank you for helping me remember those old fashion smelling perms and the ladies head vases as it has brought me back in time to when I was a young girl. Happy New Year and God Bless.

  14. It has been a delight for me to read your blog and I look forward to it. Love the beautiful pictures, interesting stories and ideas which you so graciously present to us. Keep it coming….. looking forward to the New Year as a reader.

  15. After reading all the previous comments, I am reminded again of just how you have touched so many lives….I loved the “personal connection” I felt with you after winning the autographed Jan Karon book. You were so kind…so gracious….I love how you love beautiful things, and have the desire to surround yourself with what you love.
    I have learned so many things from you in just the short time I have read your blog….but realize I have been under your spell for so many years through the editorials I read that were yours!
    This Christmas I gave books and journals and included a ribbon in the journal or that book. It is a simple thing…but I loved finding just the right ribbon that seemed to complement the book. A little thing….but it brought joy to me…and I hope to to the recipients.
    Bless you – dear one….Would so love to personally meet you someday!

  16. I love RIMJ !. I had especially loved the entry about baby gifts. Please can we have a special magazine issue devoted to these precious little ones? You are a wonderful inspiration!!! Thank you !!!

  17. Thank you for everything nice in both your blog and the pages of Victoria. I look forward to every issue, blog and special issue. I enjoy the beautiful photography and especially anything garden related. I appreciate the beauty and gentility and savor every issue of Victoria and your blog.

  18. A very happy and blessed new year, Phyllis. You drop pieces of delight into the worlds of all of us who subscribe to your posts. In a world that seems to diminish beauty and light , your words, recipees, guests to the site, and underlying goodness of faith lights up the soul. Thank you for all that you bring through Victoria as well.

  19. Your blog feels me with excitement and I enjoy the beautiful pictures and different ways to decorate. I truly love looking through the pages and wishing I was back in that time period. (Maybe without the Corsets!) Makes me wish I had more entertainment space in my small home, however, you can do something pretty with a small place too! Thanks for sharing all your sweet stories and giving me the encouragement to get up and clean! I truly love the Victoria Mag, the Southern Lady, Tea Cups, etc. I love them all. Makes me want to go and look at yard sales, and flee markets to find items that you have in the magazines… oh, to have my youth back and to know what I know now, when my parents asked me to go through my grandparents items, I should have with excitement instead of feeling as if it didn’t belong to me. I can still see many of the things that they had in your books.. hopefully they are being used in a good way. May God continue to bless you.

  20. I have enjoyed every post, video diy, interview,every personal story and comment, gorgeous photos …, the list could go on and on. TRIMJ has brought me many enjoyable moments and has blessed me with much joy. Thank you, Phyllis. I am looking forward to the many special gifts of 2015!

  21. This Southern Home issue looks great as I saw it for sale yesterday. Can we assume that this will be one of the special issues that will be sent to the Gracious Living Club, Platinum Level? Thanks for letting us know.

    1. Post
  22. Thank you for your inspiring and wonderful magazines, and now your blog. I admire your vision and appreciate your efforts and your team’s energies in publishing beautiful articles and photos. I thank you all very much.

  23. Hi Phyllis,

    I enjoy every issue! I would love to see an article (or series of articles) of how to host easy, informal tea parties, (is there such a thing as an informal tea party?) and elegant tea parties.I would love to host tea parties that are informal and fun and others that are so elegant, guests would be in dresses, gloves and hats. I would also like to know of any venues that host tea parties in the local and metropolitan Atlanta area. Believe me, I’ve Googled, but can’t find any, especially south of Atlanta.

    I do enjoy the interviews/articles with women entrepreneurs.

    So sorry to hear you’ve been ill – glad to know you’re better!


  24. Thank you for your kindness and gentleness. Everything you are trying to do comes out like a ray of light in darkness. May you and all your efforts be blessed.

  25. Many of you have mentioned my piano music and I thank you. I had planned to record a special piece for you for the holidays but I had pneumonia and have just recovered. So I will do that as a New Years wish in the next few weeks! Thank you.

  26. The Ribbon is just wonderful as is…although I would like to hear perhaps about some favourite authors and books.It is because of Victoria magazine that I was introduced so many years ago to my favourite Jan Karon and her wonderful Mitford series. My husband has noticed that my face lights up every time I’m reading one of your ribbons Phyllis. Thanks, thanks and many thanks and to your followers as well!

  27. Phyllis,
    I discovered your blog about a month ago and look forward to each post. I am living vicariously through you–you are living my dream life 🙂 For twenty years I was a stay-at-home wife and mother. I had time to indulge all my passions (family celebrations, baking, handwork, crafts, gardening etc.) Then I was divorced, went back to college to finish my degree, and am now teaching 4th graders. Don’t get me wrong, I love teaching and still make time to do the things I love–I’m just spread a little thin and can’t give most things in my life the time I would like to give them. I miss the quiet of the day and having time to think about things. I feel like I hit the ground running each day. So, I LOVE reading about what you’re doing and love seeing the beautiful things you post about.

    I love the fact that you’re religious, and it comes through in your posts. I love to hear about your family events and activities. I love the creative people you feature. I love your posts that focus on current holidays. I love it all–more of the same please. I too would like to see you play the piano.

    Thank you for The Ribbon In My Journal–it is just enough beauty and inspiration to make my day better.

  28. Your thoughtfulness and warmth of your articles have given me so much happiness in 2014 . Every time , I open “The Ribbon” , I am receiving a beautifully wrapped package ! Thank you for these priceless gifts .
    Please continue to amaze and surprise us during the upcoming year.
    Exploring art,music,travel and great BOOKS ( my weakness )
    would be wonderful !
    Looking ahead to 2015 with a song in my heart !

      1. I speak several times a year for church groups, women’s organizations, and clubs. We are considering events for readers
        And would love to know the types that would interest you.

        1. One of my dream trips is a visit to Victoria , BC and to stay at “The Fairmont Empress Hotel” .
          Have you been ?
          If my memory serves me well , I think “Victoria” had arranged a tea celebration there several years ago…

          1. The Empress Hotel in Victoria hosts an afternoon tea every day. The dress is casually elegant. It is very enjoyable. So British! A visit to the Butchart Gardens while in Victoria is a must. Lovely in the summer but equally magical at Christmas. It would be a fun idea to arrange a tour.

    1. Thank you for your comments. It is amazing how the pecan pie covers are our most popular every year. They sell so quickly. We, like other publishers, fight to stay on the newsstand and it comes down to which publisher’s magazines sell thru well. That is the basis for a lot of cover decisions. But I cancertainly understand how you feel. Hopefully the inside content delights you. I will share some of my favorites in the upcoming year. Thank you.

  29. Happy New Year, Phyllis!

    I look forward to each of your blog posts and love everything about “Victoria” and “The Cottage Journal”. Of course, I enjoy all your magazines but these are just two of my favourites that you produce. I would be interested to learn more about some of your readers and, particularly, how your magazines have influenced them in their everyday lives. I am always inspired by ordinary people and the extraordinary things they do. And, it makes for fascinating reading, too.

    BTW, I like Sandy Pierce’s suggestion regarding your playing a piano piece…I listen to your CD at Christmastime and it gives me goosebumps every time I hear it! Thank you for the gift of your talent on so many levels. If you haven’t been told already today, you are dearly appreciated. XO Wishing you a beautiful day!

    Linda at Beautiful Ideas

  30. I enthusiastically agree with all the previous comments. I like what you include in your journal entries about the past, the present and the future and feel like I’m about to open a special gift when I see your “ribbon” in my mailbox. Yes, you are a special lady, indeed!

  31. It is a joy to read both Victoria and your Blog! Both are lovely, meaningful and calming. Please keep doing what you’re doing. I would love to see an occasional article on lovely places and items in Scandinavia – much like Victoria’s annual British issue.

  32. Phyllis,
    Thank you for starting this Blog.
    I have always been a big fan and the personal touch has been great.
    Sometimes it feels like we are on my front porch swing having a chat.
    With Spring on the horizon I look forward to all the wonderful things this rebirth brings. The gardens ,flowers and the ability to bring those touches into our homes.
    The food and the entertaining are still some of my favorites from your magazines.
    Thank you for taking the extra time to be a part of our lives.

  33. I love everything about your posts and look forward to them arriving in my In box. Your New Year’s resolutions really inspired me to pursue my creative side this year. Like you, I love calligraphy and beautiful hand lettering and I so enjoy the beautiful quotes done in calligraphy in each issue of Victoria Magazine. Maybe you could share some inspiring quotes done in beautiful calligraphy on The Ribbon in my Journal from time to time.

  34. This blog has been a joy! I totally agree with Karen Barnaby’s comments. My favorites have
    been watching you prepare a treasured recipe and your memories of growing up experiences…I so
    related to your stories of hair perms and baby oil sunburns!! Your Christmas video was wonderful…
    so creative and well done…I can’t count the times I watched it and loved it every time. I would
    enjoy watching you perform a piano piece. Thank you for the expressions of your faith. Beautiful
    lady and beautiful entries!

  35. Hi Phyllis,

    I always get excited when I see RIMJ in my mailbox! It is always something interesting and inspiring. I love
    the variety, and look forward to your entries in this new year.

    Happy New Year!

  36. I like all of it and look forward to the message when it arrives in my mail box. I like the variety. It’s always welcome surprize. Thanks for all of it.

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