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Blue Willow Tablescape with Jennifer Carroll

Phyllis Décor 9 Comments

Jennifer Carroll, an event planner of 20 years and a mother on one, has kindly shared her easy fall tablescape design for any gathering, big or small with me. Jennifer has loved planning and playing “hostess” from the time she was a little girl. When it comes to party planning, she believes in keeping it simple. In her lovely “Blue …

Fall Colors in Arrangements

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I have two friends, Gail Garner and Shelia Smith, who are so creative. They are our go-to pair when the event calls for something really special. Amy Grant was gracious enough to come to Birmingham for a concert benefitting the Auxiliary of Big Oak Ranch. I have written about the ranch many times here on Ribbon, so you know my …

Beautiful Ivy Tablescape

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Do you have an especially cherished set of dishes? I have many that are special to me for various reasons, but one of the most meaningful is my mother’s green ivy dishes. The ivy wreaths on the classic white dishes with a green trim have always caught my eye. Ivy is a greenery that I always have in abundance. I …

Epergne - Ribbon In My Journal

Magical Marriage of Serving and Centerpiece

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It is no secret that I love beautiful serving pieces. I also love beautiful centerpieces. When I find both of those things combined into one, it’s even better. This magical combination comes in the form of the epergne. An epergne is a dining centerpiece that sits on four feet with a large central bowl and four or more smaller bowls …

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Bridal Luncheon Centerpiece by NDI Designs

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When my dear friend Laura Boyd told me her daughter Katie was engaged, I immediately signed up to host the bridal luncheon. I had watched Katie grown up and I wanted something very special for the luncheon. I wanted a unique keepsake for Katie—something she could keep for her new home. I talked with Kelly Billingsley at NDI Designs about a permanent …

Unique Centerpieces - Ribbon in my Journal

Unique Centerpieces

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It can be a challenge to keep your décor fresh and exciting. I can easily find myself falling into a rut with decorating, especially when it comes to decorating a tablescape. One way I have found to challenge myself and keep my skills sharp is to repurpose unconventional items as unique centerpieces for my table.  Cream pitchers and sugar bowls …

My Cake Stand Collection

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Do you remember seeing a dish for the first time and instantly falling in love with it? I vividly remember one such experience that I had when I first saw my mother’s cake stands. She had several ones that were all beautiful in their own way, but the one that instantly caught my eye was her Fostoria cake stand. I …

blue white dishes

Mix and Match Blue and White Dishes

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Anyone who has ever shared a meal at my home has probably eaten on some of my blue and white dishes. This color combination is one of my all-time favorites, and so many beautiful dishes are available in these classic colors. My love affair with these dishes began when my grandmother Norton introduced me to the Blue Willow pattern. Since …

Unique Summer Bouquets: Tea Tins

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One of my favorite parts of summer mornings is stepping out into my garden and savoring the scents of flowers in bloom. Here in the South, fresh flower bouquets are a summer must-have and can dress up even the simplest tablescape. Arranging flowers is a perfect way to repurpose unique containers that you already have. One type of container that …