Merry Christmas!

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From all of us at Hoffman Media, Merry Christmas and many blessings to your family and loved ones. Please enjoy this singing Christmas card as our gift to you. Thank you for being such loyal readers and fans of our magazines.

Heirloom Jewelry

Give Your Heirloom Jewelry an Update

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Tracey Holton-Garrett of Van Atkins Jewelers in Mississippi taught us how to care for pearls, gave us valuable information on what to look for when picking out diamonds, and now she’s passing on her knowledge regarding the art of redesigning antiques. So many women inherit beautiful family pieces that maybe look a little dated, and Tracey creatively updates vintage brooches and …

Louisiana Chefs to Takeover Birmingham Restaurants

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At Hoffman Media, we’re always coming up with new events and ways to interact with the community. So next Tuesday, September 23, in conjunction with the Louisiana Travel Promotion Association, we’re presenting a Louisiana Takeover, an evening where Birmingham diners will have the opportunity to experience the culinary trails of Louisiana. Seven chefs from Louisiana will be placed at restaurants, allowing …


Gracious Entertaining: How to Polish Silver

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The wonderful staff of Victoria magazine put together an easy guide for how to polish silver, so I thought I’d share: Silver has been prized as a precious metal for centuries. But it reached a new level of prominence during the Victorian era, when members of nobility enjoyed elaborate meals—sometimes with as many as ten courses. Each dish served required …