Scones Classic Recipe

How to Make Scones with Clotted Cream

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I love having afternoon tea, especially when a wonderful scone is served as an added bonus. Making scones and a mock Devonshire or clotted cream is really fun. These simple steps will show you how you can create your own delicacies right in your own kitchen. Enjoy, and be creative as you serve delicious tea delights.  A Scones Classic Recipe …


Have You Seen Our Step One Video Series?

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The video team we have here at Hoffman Media is truly spectacular. You’ve already seen some of our step-by-step flower arranging, jewelry, and baking videos, but now we have a whole library full! Whether you’re a novice home cook or a seasoned pro, our Step One video series has something for you. Learning a new technique is so exciting, my hope is that …


Silver Settings: Spoons & Bowls

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Spoons are a lovely part of the table setting. Today’s flatware does not include all the different types of spoons that were customary years ago, and we may only have one shape of spoon. So many times, the choice of the type of spoon is puzzling when soups are being served. This short video will explore the soup bowls and …


Simple Tulip Tips from Dorothy McDaniel

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I was lucky to meet Dorothy McDaniel years ago. She has been a featured floral designer in Southern Lady magazine and was a big hit at Southern Lady Celebration. She owns one of the most successful floral shops in the Birmingham area, Dorothy McDaniel’s Flower Market, and loves teaching people her tips and techniques for working with flowers. Anyone who …


How to Write the Perfect Thank You Note

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Taking the time to hand write a note—especially a thank you—is such a wonderful gesture. It can be the bright spot in someone’s day, and it says a lot about how much you value his or her friendship. Of course a note is welcome any time, but I truly believe it’s just good manners to send notes after receiving gifts, …

Learn How to Make a Living Wreath

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Years ago when I found the living wreath, I was excited beyond belief. I quickly ordered one and set about to create my living wreath that would hang on the wall outside my kitchen window. This winter my wreath has pansies as the main flower accompanied by ivy and vines. Elise at Collier’s Nursery here in Birmingham, Alabama, graciously agreed …

Pear Tart

Apple-Pear Tart from Plymouth Plantation

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It’s never too early to start thinking about holiday baking. Today, I wanted to share with you a recipe that is very near-and-dear to my heart. I first ate this simple tart several years ago at the Plymouth Plantation in Massachusetts, and it’s an old recipe the Pilgrims used! The best part: It’s easily customizable. And I promise the aroma …

Heirloom Jewelry

Give Your Heirloom Jewelry an Update

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Tracey Holton-Garrett of Van Atkins Jewelers in Mississippi taught us how to care for pearls, gave us valuable information on what to look for when picking out diamonds, and now she’s passing on her knowledge regarding the art of redesigning antiques. So many women inherit beautiful family pieces that maybe look a little dated, and Tracey creatively updates vintage brooches and …