Louisiana Chefs to Takeover Birmingham Restaurants

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At Hoffman Media, we’re always coming up with new events and ways to interact with the community. So next Tuesday, September 23, in conjunction with the Louisiana Travel Promotion Association, we’re presenting a Louisiana Takeover, an evening where Birmingham diners will have the opportunity to experience the culinary trails of Louisiana. Seven chefs from Louisiana will be placed at restaurants, allowing …


Gracious Entertaining: How to Polish Silver

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The wonderful staff of Victoria magazine put together an easy guide for how to polish silver, so I thought I’d share: Silver has been prized as a precious metal for centuries. But it reached a new level of prominence during the Victorian era, when members of nobility enjoyed elaborate meals—sometimes with as many as ten courses. Each dish served required …

Yellow Roses and Lemons Flower Centerpiece

The Easiest Flower Centerpiece Ever

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I love sprucing up the house before guests come over by throwing together a floral centerpiece as simple as it is stunning. The combination of fruit and flowers always makes a wonderful arrangement. You only need a few things: · Lemons · A Dozen Roses · Greenery · Floral Picks · Floral Foam See a full step-by-step below, and then …

Paula Deen Exclusive Video - Part 2

One-on-One Video Interview with Paula Deen – Part 2

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As you know, one of the most wonderful days of my life was when I met Paula Deen. For the past 10 years our friendship has blossomed, and our joint-venture, Cooking with Paula Deen, now reaches over three million readers across the country. If you haven’t already, watch the first installment of this intimate chat in our three-part video series. …

My Favorite Pecan Pie Recipe — With a Twist

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Mrs. Stewart was a sweet little lady in Mississippi who had this amazing pecan pie recipe. She would not share her recipe with anyone, including her family. Well after tasting this delicious creation, I wanted the recipe very badly. I begged—yes begged—and much to my disappointment she told me that she doesn’t share this recipe. As our visit ended, she …